JINJA- A group of technicians who operate on Oboja Road in Jinja District are counting losses after fire gutted their workshop on Tuesday morning.

Mr Moses Lubega, the owner of the workshop said when he arrived at his place of work at about 7:00am, he saw black smoke bellowing out of the building and called police after realising that there was a fire outbreak.

“Police did respond within 10 minutes, but unfortunately, the first fire truck that came had no water; so the driver had to leave it and rush to the station to get another one. A few things were rescued but the fridges were all burnt,” Mr Lubega said.
He said what was lost is worth millions of money

According to Mr Lubega, the fire was caused by an electric circuit from one of the rooms where fridges and gas cylinders are kept.

Residents join police officers to

Residents join police officers to put out the smoke. Photo by Denis Edema

Kiira Regional Police Fire Commander, Mr Collins Agaba, said a few things were rescued from the inferno after getting help from a private companies like Nytil and Nile Ply.

Mr Agaba blamed business people in Jinja Town for operating in corridors which he said block emergency fire vehicles from accessing some sections of the town in case of danger.

He said police could not establish the cause of the fire before carrying out investigations.