In Summary

NRM leaders in Teso region are worried that support for the party may be on the decline, citing unfulfilled pledges and infighting .

Support for the ruling NRM party in Teso region that has in the past outwitted political pitfalls is beginning to shed away, a section of the party’s leadership in the sub region has said.

Former Soroti NRM treasurer Jonathan Ebwalu, who resigned from the position last month, says key NRM supporters across Teso are worried that the ruling party could soon lose grip if unresolved issues affecting the sub region are not resolved.

“For long, Teso gave NRM a benefit of doubt but it seems the leadership is taking the voters for granted. They have wasted their chances and the party now has a big task to regain the confident we had in it before,” Mr Ebwalu said.

The major obstacle NRM has long faced in the sub region is the unfulfilled promise to compensate cattle lost during the 1987-1992 insurgency and cattle rustling by Karimojong warriors.

These concerns also come as Katakwi District prepares for the parliamentary by-election in Usuk County slated for next month which is expected to be a battle for NRM and the opposition.

However, NRM Vice President Eastern region, Capt. Mike Mukula told Daily Monitor yesterday that much as there are internal contradictions in the party, they would not allow these to play in favour of the opposition.

He, however, admitted that service delivery in the sub region is very crucial if the ruling party is to maintain the support at the grass roots.