She was a bored 17-year-old waiting to join high school, and he was a confident second-year university student who had no difficulty spotting and chatting up beautiful girls.

There was immediate chemistry followed by lots of hanging out that got people gossiping, sparking a storm in her mother’s heart.

“You’re defiling my daughter,” she confronted him one day, trembling in the emotions of anger and resentment. “I read a WhatsApp message you sent her in which you said the ‘first cut is the deepest’. What did you mean by that? You’ve been sleeping with my underage daughter and I’m going to get you arrested for defilement.”

Daniel’s assurances that he had not slept with Di; that the both of them were still virgins who had signed true-love-waits cards, incensed more than assuaged the protective mother.

“Spare me that hogwash,” she yelled furiously. “I order you to stay away from my daughter and to cease calling or WhatsApping her with immediately or else I will get you locked up!”

Daniel walked away like a zombie, completely stunned. An image appeared in his mind, of a huge bronze wall standing between him and the girl he loved with all his heart.

That night Daniel lay on his bed completely drained. He closed his eyes but his head was banging like a hammer and his heart was so tumultuous he thought he was going to die.

With strained effort, Daniel got off the bed and knelt by its side and prayed to the God who makes a way where there seems no way; the God who knows everything that is in futurity. By the time Daniel rose from his knees, a new hope was surging through his veins.

The following day Daniel called Di’s mother and gave her his gentleman’s word that he loved her daughter and had noble intentions and would not touch her until he had put a holy ring on her finger. To his delightful amazement she said she believed him and apologised for how she had conducted herself the previous day.

Daniel kept his word and waited for Di till she completed campus. They got married last weekend and Di’s mother was the happiest person in the world that day.