Nyakasura is located seven kilometres from Fort Portal Town on Fort portal-Bundibudgyo road. It is found in Bukuku Sub-county, Burahya County in Kabarole District. The village is home to the famous Amabera ga Nyina Mwiru sites which tourists visit bringing in revenue for the district. It stands between a couple of streams, water falls, volcanoes and is close to the Rwenzori Mountains which give it the best scenery. The town also receives a cool breeze all day due to the surrounding swamps, lakes and streams.

The name Nyakasura comes from the word Ekisura which in Rutooro means salt. Robert Mirembe, a tour guide at Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru and a resident of the area, says the name was coined by people who settled in the area after realising that the area’s water was salty.
“The area has a lot of streams, lakes, water falls which are all salty, hence the name Nyakasura which means place of salt,” he says.

“Nyakasura is home to the famous Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru caves which a number of tourists visit and bring in revenue. Part of the site has crater lakes such as Lake Saaka from which locals carry out fishing to earn a living,” says Enid Kajwenge, the village’s assistant chairperson.
The area also has a number of education centres including Nyakasura school (a school known for its unique boys uniform, ‘Kilts’)and Canon Apollo PTC, a primary teachers college. It also neighbours Kichwamba village which has Kichwamba PTC.
But most residents earn from agriculture. They grow a variety of food and cash crops including cassava, matooke and maize. They also rear cows and goats.

Besides Amabere ga Nyina Mwiru cottages, a beach is being constructed next to the crater lakes. The famous Casablanca bar is where most residents spend their free time. In the nearby Karago village is a market where residents find ready market for their goods and services.

Kajwenge notes that Nyakasura is quiet and peaceful except for a few bad elements who resort to stealing.
“We arrest these people and teach them to work to earn and not to steal,” she notes.
The place is headed by a local council with a police station which ensures law and order.

Although initially the village could only be accesses by a muddy road, the construction of the Fort Portal-Bundibugyo road has made accessibility easier. Electricity has also been extended to the area.
Nyakasura also has a well-equipped hospital with trained experts at the Sub-county level called Bukuku Health Centre IV. Patients do not need to travel to Fort Portal town unless referred.
“It has a lot of good schools such as Nyakasura school where children get quality education at all levels, and the growing number of tourists has led to a construction of a beach which will bring in more tourist and development in the area,” Mirembe adds.

Nyakasura has a lot of land most of which has been gazzetted for cattle rearing and crop farming. Due to the fast developing rate of the area, a 50 by 100ft plot of land will cost you Shs10m though your negotiation ability can lead to a reduction.
Renting a house is between Shs50,000 and Shs300,000. This depends on the structure and its location.

According to Gorret Betty Mbabazi, a resident, the village currently faces insecurity mainly due to the high number of school dropouts. Because they are unemployed, the youth end up engaging in robbery.
“We have limited access to government funds such as the youth livelihood funds which the youths could use to earn a living. If they are available, we do not know how to access them” says Mbabazi.