Wednesday, July 12, marked the 12th anniversary of a day of infamy in the annals of the history of Uganda. On that dark day in 2005, a spineless, toothless and greedy Parliament amended article 105(2) of the Constitution and as a result, the two-term limit for holding the office of President of Uganda was removed from our basic law.

That diabolical, shameless and treacherous act opened floodgates for the tragedy which Ugandans have endured over the last 12 difficult and painful years! In the last 12 years corruption has gone through the roof; the rule of law has virtually broken down; lawlessness and impunity have become normal; the economy is on a downward spiral and the future of Uganda is as bleak and lugubrious as a nimbus cloud.

Let me state upfront my position on the matter of age limits. In my considered opinion, the question of an age limit stipulated in article102 (b) of the Constitution was debated, resolved and settled in 1995. There is absolutely no basis and no good reason whatsoever to open a debate on the matter. Second, it is unacceptable and an insult to the people of Uganda for anybody to seek to amend article 102(b) on which there was and still is consensus.

So why on earth are a few people trying to open a Pandora’s box which is best left closed and locked? Why do some people want to disturb the peace allegedly ushered in 1986 by you know who?

This is not the first time that a minority has attempted to impose its unpalatable and sinister agenda and wish on the majority of Ugandans. It happened in 2005 when term limits were removed after MPs were bribed with Shs5million each. Looks like history is about to repeat itself and all that Ugandans may, as usual, do is shake their heads and gnash their teeth in disbelief! I believe there is a lot more that each one of us who loves Uganda can and must do to save Uganda from disaster and falling apart.

Let truth be told. After 30 years in power, the performance record of the intended beneficiary of this exercise in futility leaves a lot to be desired. Why should the age limit be removed in order to permit more of the same? Give us a break! Uganda deserves better.

Must Ugandans remind Sabalwanyi of what he said at an OAU Summit in Addis Ababa in 1986 when he correctly argued that Africa’s main problem is leaders who overstay in power! What he said in 1986 was true then and is still true today!

The fact that a matter which was settled in 1995 has now been raised reflects the arrogance and contempt with which the ruling clique holds and treats Ugandans. They are figuratively pissing shamelessly on Ugandans. If a political leader can brag publicly that he is in power to pursue his personal agenda and goals what else should one expect!

It is amazing and disappointing that some Ugandans still place their trust in a decadent regime. It’s foolhardy and mind-boggling, but in the final analysis it is the duty and responsibility of patriotic citizens of Uganda to do everything possible to take back power which constitutionally belongs to the people.

A perverted mindset which thinks and believes that all Ugandans are up for sale to the highest bidder, have a price tag and can be bought is behind this despicable, ridiculous and totally unacceptable attempt to force a useless and counter-productive amendment to our Constitution which will, needless to say, do more harm than good.

It is obvious that some greedy MPs are ready, once again, to betray Uganda for bread and butter. This matter should, therefore, not be left to people who are opposed to the just struggle of the wananchi for a bright future for all citizens. Ugandans must assume full control and responsibility of their fate and take their destiny into their hands.

If this cynical game achieves its intended goal, the biggest losers will be those who provided a base and sanctuary for a bloody, costly and unnecessary guerrilla war during the 1980s. The real purpose of that war was revealed recently at a public event at Masindi on January 26. I hope Ugandans have not forgotten what was said on that sad day.

Let me caution Ugandans in general and our fellow citizens of the kingdom of Buganda in particular that if this brazen attempt to amend article 102(b) succeeds, fasten your seat belts and prepare for the worst, including losing most of your land and other properties.

Ugandans must, for goodness sake, stop burying their heads in the sand, but wake up to relentlessly and peacefully defend their God-given rights and resources from evil and satanic forces out there looking for docile, innocent and naive people to deceive, confuse, mislead and even devour.

My solemn appeal to all patriotic Ugandans and to men and women of goodwill everywhere is that, against the background of the disastrous consequences of the removal of term limits in 2005, Ugandans must stand up, without fear or favour, and peacefully ensure that article 102(b) of the Constitution is not tampered with.
For God and my Country!

Mr Acemah is a political scientist, consultant and a retired career diplomat.