In Summary
  • Everybody loves extra space in their bathroom, but adding square footage is not always an option.
  • There are several designs and techniques you can use however to provide an expansive feeling in a small space.

The little things always matter. It could be your bathroom mirror, the counter basin that stands tall on a pedestal at your bathroom corner or the toothbrush rail that clings firmly on your bathroom wall. When all these little details lose that spark, a little embellishment and renovation will definitely do wonders to your bathroom appearance.
Jackie Biira, an interior designer at Spaces by Jackie, shares some tips on how one can make their small bathroom appear bigger.

Some attractions are so satisfactory to the eye that one may stick to them regardless of how much their pockets can take. Biira urges one to consider their budget when making certain renovations.
She says: “If you have enough money, you can change the wall tiles or even the floor tiles. If you are committed to making the bathroom spaces look better, opt for furnishing ideas and materials that favour your budget.”

Walls/ tiles
“Ensure to clean up the tiles, fix the broken or shaky ones and may be, add a line of decorative tiles on the walls to spice up the whole place,” tips Biira. You may opt for either tiles or paint. Whatever the choice, both tiles and paint require vigilance when it comes to handling them.

Roy Angala, a paint technician at Hardware World in Ntinda, recommends bright colours for bathroom walls. “Some lighter shades of blue and green are best because they are calm making it easy to identify dirty spots in your bathroom,” she says.
To ensure an effectively neat wall re-paint, Angala suggests: “Scrap off the previous paints by sanding it, fill up the cracks where necessary, then lastly apply a white undercoat before applying the final paint.”

Biira guides on how one can get rid of rusty and stained surfaces in bathroom spaces. She says: “If you have a shower tray (which is common in Uganda) that is rusted, the option is to either replace it or add a colourful non-slip shower mat to it in order to conceal the rusted parts.”
According to Biira, bathroom fixtures should not be left out.
“If your bathtub looks old and dirty, there are bleaching chemicals that can make them regain their original colours,” she adds.

Creating space
Biira encourages one to utilise their small bathroom spaces to restrict them into spacious environments. “You can opt to increase your bathroom space by reconstructing it. An affordable option however, may include creating upper shelves and breaking bath tabs and sinks with the help of an engineer,” she advises.
Biira also suggests employing storage components in bathrooms such as a small cupboard, storage baskets to keep the space declutched and organised.

Adorning the space
Biira gives a number of ideas that best suit and compliment well bathroom spaces.
“A potted plant or two which can transform the place. Succulents such as aloe are a good option. Also change the lighting to ensure it blends in with your bathroom colours. Add colourful rugs that bring both warmth and beauty,” she adds.
Biira says one should consult a professional plumber before beginning any renovations.
Angala says you should ensure your paint stays intact. “Be on the look out for the flow of water coming from your bath taps, and ensure it is stable and does not flood the walls leading to peeling off of paint,” he says.

Soft colours
Pale colours on the walls and floor tend to give the illusion of space. Avoid using strong colours except on accessories, towels and decorations.

Use glass
Get rid of the shower curtain or frosted-glass shower doors and replace them with clear glass. It will open up the shower area, making it a part of the entire room and giving the appearance of more space.