In Summary

THE KNIGHT. Ice Ken aka Kenny Mugalu, the proprietor of Princess of Beauty Centre, has for the last 15 years styled brides. He shares with Godfrey Lugaaju his experiences which include being punched by a client on one occasion and being rewarded with a ticket to Dubai on another.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a hardworking, God-fearing and respectful person. I rely a lot on God, I don’t do anything before telling Him and this is the core principle in my life. Ice Ken is a 100 per cent devoted Christian. I also love children a lot.

How do you understand bride styling?
Well…. I will say it is transforming a woman from her usual appearance into a good one and make her seem like an angel.

Did you study this?
Yes, at Gyna School of Beauty and Pivot Point School of Beauty in Nairobi, Kenya.

What differentiates you from other stylists?
I always do something new for each bride. I dedicate three hours every night doing extensive research on hair styles.

What does it take to be a good stylist?
You have to be creative and good at time management because it is you that starts the day. You also have to be very careful as you wouldn’t want to be the person that ruins the day.

Is there anything else you do apart from styling brides?
I try to do things in line with what I studied. I set up a beauty school called Ice Kenny School of Beauty where I teach all things to do with beauty and styling.

Tell me of your most memorable session.
I remember a client giving me a ticket to Dubai for a week in appreciation of my service. I styled her from her home for her introduction and also helped her feel special on her day with my team who helped in the different things at the function.

What was your dream career?
I wanted to be a celeb but I didn’t know how best to get there. I think I have achieved this because I receive calls and social media posts from people in Uganda and abroad booking and appreciating my work.

People say your services are quite expensive, are they?
They do say that but I put in a lot including travelling to upgrade my skills. By the time I put my services on the market, they are worth the price because I guarantee quality, uniqueness and extra ordinary styles.

What is your relationship with your clients?
I call them, we chat and we are always together in both good and bad times. They invite me for their social functions and the reverse is true.

How do their husbands take this?
They too eventually became my friends. They understand me and know I do not divert from my work ethics when I am working on their wives.

What are some of the benefits you have realised from styling?
My customer base has grown since I now get bookings from countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda. I have been able to build my dream house and I have given back to society by building a beauty school. I also have numerous rentals.

Have you had any bad moments in your line of duty?
I had made an appointment to work on some bride and she failed to make it on time. She found me attending to another customer and I asked her to wait because her time had elapsed. In anger, she punched me hard in the stomach which hurt me the entire day.

What is your desired legacy?
I want to be remembered as a person who redefined bridal styling in Uganda.

What do you do for leisure?
I read the Bible, research on trending styles, and watch movies. I am a big fan of these.