In Summary

The operation in scheduled for 21st September this year. To help, send money to Aliza (0705372752) and Kaudha (0772514328, Crane Bank-014000350000)

Her friends say she has a great sense of humor and this, you can confirm when you meet her. Her jokes make it hard to notice the gloom beneath her eyes.

At 24 years old, Ms Rachael Aliza has dreams like every young woman; she wants to become a lawyer to seek justice for scores of prisoners held unjustly but more so live to see health rights respected in Uganda.

However, that dream almost seemed to slip away on the day Ms Aliza missed the pre-entry examinations at Law Development Centre this year.

She did a scan that day that revealed she is suffering from Medulloblastoma, a rare but fast growing brain tumor around the centre of the brain.

According to Ms Aliza, the tumor is unusual in Uganda.

“The neurologist, Dr Joel Kiryabwire, one of the few in Uganda told me it is the second of its kind that he has treated,” she says.

How it all started

The ailment was discovered in July this year following complaints from Ms Aliza.

“In June, I had slight headaches that later escalated into constant painful headaches. It was not until my right eye became squinted that I sought medical help from Mengo eye clinic,” she narrates.

However, an eye checkup at Georgina eye clinic concurred with Mengo reports that her eyes were in good health. The eye was later patched and she uses one now.

The opticians advised Ms Aliza to do a scan and ascertain the underlying problem. After a number of scans, an MRI scan at Kampala MRI centre confirmed that a tumor is growing in her brain stem.

The cheerful Aliza confesses that the saddening news hit her hard.

“I was stressed, confused and stopped eating because my throat had started narrowing,” she plainly says.

Luckily her mother, Ms Idah Kaudha was relieved and made her strong.

“I felt at ease after the problem was identified because I knew it was time to look for treatment,” she says.

But the treatment is expensive. According to documents obtained by Daily Monitor, treatment by neurosurgeon Aditya Gupta in New Delhi (India), requires Ms Aliza to raise Shs120m for urgent surgery. The aim is to remove the already expanding tumor before it spreads further into the brain.

“We recently found out that the surgery is in two weeks’ time but we do not have the money yet. We can only hope that good Samaritans can support us,” Ms Kaudha notes.

With a firm resolve, Ms Aliza says she has no idea about what will come out of the operation but she remains positive.

About the brain tumor

According to American Brain Tumor Association, an online site, this type of brain tumor spreads very fast and has no known cause so far.

It explains further that is relatively rare, accounting for less than 2% of all primary brain tumors and 18% of all pediatric brain tumors.
It is less common among adults but occurs on a small basis.

The operation in scheduled for 21st September this year. To help, send money to Aliza (0705372752) and Kaudha (0772514328, Crane Bank-014000350000).