No, I will not tell you about my Valentine’s Day, simply because I did not have one. I’m certain she was disappointed because she likes that kind of thing, but I was simply not in the mood to pretend that on this particular day, I happened to love her more that on other days.

In fact, I rather felt like it is pretentious of me to clown around like I’m Mr Romeo himself, and she was my Juliet. But like I said, I will not tell you about my Valentine’s Day, instead I will tell you about that of a very lovely lady who called me rather late in the evening and asked if we could go have a drink.

I could do with a drink, it had been a long day, but even more, I was rather surprised she was calling me, meaning she was available. She is so attractive I imagined men would have started lining up last year to try and get a date with her for Valentine’s Day. Yes, that was mostly true, but to her, it was inconsequential because no one she actually liked had stepped forward. They were all ‘jokers’, she called them.

The first question she asked me when I got there was, ‘where did all the serious men go’? I answered, ‘They are right where they have always been; in the friend’s zone where they go unnoticed and unappreciated.’ She sighed and told me that she has not had a serious man approach her in over two years. ‘But you were in a relationship until just recently’, I interjected. ‘Yes, I was and I broke it off because I can only compromise so far.

He seemed a good fellow at first, but he turned out to be just like most other men. To these men, I’m like a possession to be shown off like a trophy.” She sounded tired, like her beauty was a costly gift of nature.

As if reading my mind, she said, ‘you know Eugene, most of the time, I actually wish I was plainer. Then, perhaps, I would be able to attract the sort of man who sees in me more than just my appearance’.

I did not know what to tell her. I considered that perhaps it was the effect of the Valentine period and she would feel better in a few days. She instead told me a story of a man she had wanted to date, but the poor fellow had been so intimidated by her that he ran off! He had been a very good man; God fearing, disciplined, down to earth, hardworking, and uncomplicated... But the poor fellow had been too timid to make a move on me.”

They had managed to go on a date, but he was so flustered and confused he did not ask her out again. He was now married to some other not-too-attractive looking girl.

I started to tell her theories about how everything would work out fine, how lucky she was, blah blah, but then, I decided not to because she is intelligent enough to see through it, and, well, what she said had truth in it.

To be continued....