After all the festivities of last weekend, which left some dead- very unfortunate, and some very miserable for missing out on the fun because they were too broke to even afford a sachet of Kitoko, (and no one was willing to give them a loan).

On the contrary, others drunk themselves insane and nursed hangovers in the course of the entire week, whereas others had a really great time with their families and friends, all in the name of Jesus celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

But this body and flesh are insatiable, and never will be.I’m probably sounding like a pastor right now, well, maybe it is the Jesus in me. What was I saying? Yes… the body being insatiable.

Look, you needed money to get you through Christmas, now you are probably in desperate need of money to get you through New Year’s. And before you know it, the term would have began, and a hunt for school fees is on.

I’m not saying people should spend the holidays like beggars on the street, but why on earth do not they live within their means and drop the whole show biz? Get me right; Christmas is a time to be generous, love and make merry, so again, don’t make it an excuse to be stingy.

And about the New Year fever, I’m at a loss for words.

For some reason, some people think the New Year comes to magically blow their problems away and in return give them better days.

It is a time to kick ourselves for all the resolutions that weren’t realised in the past year. Or a pat on the shoulder for the dreams come true. A time to make new resolutions like learning Chinese and working out every weekend… (Which usually fade before the end of February) . A new year certainly means a lot to many people.

But, well, to others like me, apart from a new year meaning growing older, (which is perfectly okay.) I don’t really see it changing a thing.
But I won’t dwell on that, because everyone has their sentiments about the New Year.