Short suits
It is trendy and it takes courage for most to pull this look off because of the conservative norms in our society. You could end up insulted and embarrassed. However, muster confidence and enthusiasm to be the fashionista who turns heads at any event. Bright colours work well and are worth having. It is a great way to sign into 2017.

Long tail T-shirts
Last year, men who wore long tail shirts were highly regarded as unserious because to some onlookers it looks like a dress but hey it is an irresistible trend to carry along this year. They have been worn by models showcasing on runways. And because ladies make men’s clothes unisex, such a top would be the ideal thing to own in your wardrobe. Just in case you want to go to the beach and besides that, this they are the workhorses of your wardrobe. You wear them day in and day out, so they should be comfortable.

Suede blazer
It might be expensive to get but the suede blazer is a must-have for this generation of youth. With jeans, it can be casual or with dress trousers- a formal number.
However, it is a high maintenance pick because you are not supposed to handwash it with water and soap. The suede blazers comes good in all shapes and colours.

Slide slippers
These come in different types and colours and we believe you have seen some people wearing them to clubs or even at concerts. And, you have probably thought of the wearers as style-backward. You are wrong, this is the trend you are supposed to embrace this year because it makes you feel at ease if worn with the right pair of jeans or sweat pants. Slide out in style this year.

Boots are timeless. And 2017 is no exception because every man needs at least a pair for those wild weekends. A pair is convenient, long lasting and looks trendy.

Some of the outstanding brands on the market every man should look out for include Timberlands, Calf Leather ‘Sullivan’ Boots, fashion Chanzers, Backpacking boot, Desert boots and All-stars. Boots know no age. Rock them.

Men capes look like women ponchos and we have seen people wearing them on few occasions like the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards and other than that, we have just seen them being put on by international stars. But if you want to be trendy and probably a trendy setter, this is something worth having this year because it not only keeps you warm on cold days but it is a must-have for every sophisticated man.

Denim jackets
Denim jackets have been a hot favourite for centuries and top the list of essentials in men’s clothing. A versatile wardrobe staple for men’s casual wear, a denim jacket makes for a smart style statement.

It lends a rugged, masculine look that is really simple to create and classic in appeal. You may choose to pair it with any kind of bottoms and layer them over smart T-shirts or shirts. You’ll also find jackets made of selvedge denim or soft corduroy. They are easy to maintain. Do not miss one for 2017.

Skinny pants
However much skinny pants have gotten a bad review especially in 2016 you will agree with us that the days of baggy jeans is outdated. The skinnies are the in-thing. Every youth reading this should own a pair. Remember, skinnies look good especially with loafers, moccasins and fitting tops.