The Uganda wildlife Education Centre is set to get a second lion.

The centre last year received a lion from South African Lion Park named Letaba to replace late Kibonge the oldest lion which died at 18 years.

Speaking to the Daily Monitor, UWEC’s executive director James Musinguzi, says the lion is a donation from the Paradise wildlife Park in United Kingdom.

“Paradise Wildlife Park has donated a lion called Kasanga, 6 years old, and we expect it to be here at UWEC before the end of this November 2016” Mr Musinguzi revealed.

Mr Musinguzi says this new ion will not only boost the centre’s tourism but also the Lion’s conservation education.

He says often times the centre has gone out for conservation education with the lioness but many members of the public express desire and interest in seeing the lions.

“It is an opportunity that we are going to have the lion to supplement the lioness that we do have here such that when we go out to educate with the lion, we have one that will remain at the Centre for purposes of education because we run both on site education and outreach programs” Mr Musinguzi said.
He argues that with the numbers of lions decreasing there is need to vigorously promote their conservation and educate the public on the importance to conserve them.

Meanwhile the head of the cats at the Paradise wildlife Park, Ian Jones, says the concerned parties are working on getting the necessary paper work like the international certificates to facilitate the transportation of the Lion to Uganda.

“Through Paradise wildlife safari Park, we have coordinated with Woburn safari Park in Bedfordhsire who have currently decided that they would like to have their lion come here to UWEC and we are hopeful it will be here this month or so” Mr Jones said.

The centre currently has one lion, Letaba and three lionesses; Zara , Biza and Mutagamba.