I react to the story: ‘Medics abandon cancer patient for 60 hours, dies in hospital compound’(Daily Monitor, June 13). This is Uganda where such dire mistakes are corrected by simply promising to transport the body for burial and everyone claps. Instead of dealing with critical issues, you go public saying we take responsibility by transporting the body.
What national referral hospital does not admit critically ill patients on weekends and public holidays? So if we have finally accepted that nothing tangible can change the state of our local natives, do we have to still let them die like rats even when they struggle to run to nearby health facilities for help?
And on Heroes Day we honour the likes of Kato Lubwama. The funds wasted on such days would just be enough revamp any hospital in the country. In fact, the government should be honouring people who are calling for the welfare of the girl-child. Oh Uganda, who bewitched you?

Abraham Okki Mwamula,
Online reader