In Summary

ROLE MODELS. They did not have to be sophisticated to teach a lesson or two to ordinary women. Women in the Bible faced extraordinary circumstances and rose to the occasion. Justine Juliet Rukundo sounded out different women on their Bible role models.

Sometimes we look at the women in the Bible as extraordinary that a “regular” woman would -at least in her mind - be unable to live up to their example. However, the Bible recounts the stories of women familiar with the same troubles that face women today. They were ordinary women who faced extraordinary circumstances and rose to the occasion. Different people have Biblical examples in the Bible they look up to.

“ Esther. She preserved herself as a virgin and when the king called for all virgins in the land. She received favour before the king and was preferred by the king. Lesson from her is that when you prepare yourself and are in the right position, when opportunity comes your way, it will definitely not miss you.

What a woman can do to be godly:
1.Read the bible and pray daily. At least every morning, give five minutes to God in prayer and He will direct your path.
2. Before making any decision, ask yourself, what would my mother have done if she were in my shoes? Mothers are our earthly role models of God.
3. Women are blessed to be multitaskers. Plan your day well so that every minute is well-utilised and whatever you do is contributing to your overall goals. Failure to plan well makes women fail to balance and soon some responsibility will fail. Six Ps. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.
4.Have Godly women mentors in your life that are successful with God, business, career, family and they can always tell you how they made it through. Whatever women go through is the same. it’s just about how you handle it and someone somewhere has also gone through the be informed as much as possible. When Mary mother of Jesus went to Elizabeth, Elizabeth encouraged her that blessed is the fruit of your womb. Every woman needs an Elizabeth.

Alice Kansiime, MD FineM U LTD Microfinance

“ Mary, mother of Jesus because she is a blessed woman among all women. This woman was about the most humble and submissive servant of God mentioned in the Bible. Mary was betrothed to Joseph. An angel came to Mary saying that she was highly favoured by the Lord and that the Lord was with her (Luke 1:28). Who among us would not be terrified at this? Mary must have been an especially devout and godly woman. God “highly favoured her,” .
A Godly woman: Prays unceasingly, helps those in need, respects herself and is a good listener. She does things that praise Him name.”

Jean Marie, Businesswoman

“ Rahab. Much as she was a prostitute (sinner) she knew and feared God. She helped Joshua’s spies to escape because she knew their God was sovereign and it saved her and her household. Why? Like any other human I do sin but I know my God is merciful. He is loving and forgiving.
To be a Godly woman, it takes faith. Hebrews 11:1 says Faith is the substance of the things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Elizabeth Twongyeirwe Akiiki, Banker

“ Many women in the Bible inspire me but the most outstanding is Anna the mother of Samuel. Anna prayed with great faith and patience until her prayer was answered despite the fact that God took long to answer her prayer. She would pray in such a way that even the priest would think that she was drunk. However, God gave her a son (Samuel) in her old age which had been her constant prayer.
To be a Godly woman: one needs to put prayer first in everything. Be faithful and trust God. A Godly woman sometimes must make decisions that may hurt her as long as they benefit God’s people.”

Angella Katusiime, Manager Divine Mercy Sacco

“ There are about three women in the Bible that inspire me but Esther is my favourite. Her faithfulness and loyalty to God and her people was very amazing. From her we learn that with God at the forefront, nothing is impossible. Whenever i read about Esther, I think of how God takes care of me in everyday life.
A Godly woman is: One who practises what they preach or what they read from the word of God. I cannot stand pretentious believers.”
Lilian Akankwasa, Librarian KIU

“ Mary Magdalene. She was a very good friend of Jesus and expressed true friendship. Despite her unrighteousness before, when she met Jesus, she gave her life to God, fully believed and trusted in Him. She expressed true love of a woman.
To be a Godly woman requires, a heart that believes in God and trusts Him for all she desires.”

Precious Ahabwe, Lecturer, Makerere University