In Summary

PRAYERFUL. The best gift anyone can give to another is to pray for him or her. We live in a troublesome world where bad things happen and many people are tempted to sin. Praying for one another not only helps a person to find God in the midst of trouble, but also helps them recognise the blessings that God gives us day by day. Christine Katende sounded out some people.

“ My husband. He loves me so much and with that, he wants me to be a good mother to his children, a nice daughter-in-law and a good wife. He believes that no one can ever love him the way I do. So, he wants me to keep his love and also trust in God who brought us together.

Christine Ayikolo, housewife

“ I believe the priests, parents and other catholic church leaders pray for me. This is because they want me to stick to my religion and also help other people know about God and the teachings of the Catholic Church. I think they also love, care and wish me a successful life.”

Sylvia Nabunya, domestic assistant

“ Before anyone comes in to pray for me, I do it myself because I know what I want more than any other person. However, I believe people such as my pastors, children, parents, friends and relatives mention my name during their prayer time. It is because they care for me.”

Ronald Mayanja Omuggalanda, sustainable development manager

“ Obviously, it is my parents especially my mother. She cares for me and wants me to have a successful marriage and family. She also wants to be a good and exemplary woman in the society and a role model to my children. Mother has always wanted me to be successful in all I do.”

Jane Kiriga, sales person

“ The list is really endless. I think some of the people that always pray for me include my mother, mother and father-in-law, my husband, family and friends. They want me to have a beautiful and blessed life.”
Sumin Namaganda,
Communications Manager

“ Since I’m about to have a baby, I believe many people including my husband, mother, in-laws, and brethren pray for me. This is because they want me to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. However, I pray for myself as well for I need the Lord to protect and guide me.”
Sufficient Kukundakwe,

“ Praying for me! Why? I actually do not need anyone to pray for me because I always go to church and I pray and ask god for whatever I want. I do not wait for priests to pray for me; I believe God can respond to my prayers without listening to pleas from a third party.”
Sylvia Aluli, civil Servant

“ I think it is my mother given the fact that I’m her only son. We are great friends so, she wants me to have a good life so that I can be able to look after her, be a good father to my children, overcome challenges, and also carry on a reputable family name. She also wants me to always be safe more especially at work and whenever I travel.”
Peter Kanyike, sports journalist