The street style stars and fashionistas who set the style trends we end up following are ordinary people just like us. They make style choices which can be replicated, but still manage to reign supreme even after everyone copies their style. Well, here is what you might find sets this trend setters apart:

• They don’t follow trends, they set them
What you might not know is, trends happen organically. Someone wears something, people respond to it and then incorporate it into their lives. Fashionable people are always rebels of what you think is conventional and in the end set trends that are followed religiously.

• They aren’t afraid to share
Either they are snapping themselves or those around them. Photographs inspire them so much that they can do it on and on and on. Check their Instagram feeds for your perusal.

• They are risk-takers
There are a number of rules set by people we barely know. But as we mundanely follow them, some other chaps are rebelling against each one of them. And they are unapologetic about this. You say you mustn’t wear this colour? They will proudly and elegantly wear it. They are cool like that!

• With each look is a statement piece
This is something they will never tell you because somehow they don’t know how they do it anyway. But with each look they put together, there’s always a stand out piece that makes it all pop. It’s some sort of centerpiece. It could be a colourful clutch or statement accessories. This rule is unwritten and they probably don’t even know they follow it.
• For them, a day out in the park is a fashion show
And they don’t even know how it happens. They set out to hang out with friends only to turn into a fashion spectacle.

They focus on little details
You don’t need to own all colours and shades of shoes. Just having the basics is enough. These can be blacks, nudes, neutrals and few standout pairs in for instance African print for that day when you want to make a statement.

Traits of fashionable people

Four other traits of fashionistas are:
• They don’t try to make it happen, it comes naturally
They are style geniuses. A few minutes in the dressing room will turn into the most talked about styling idea of the evening. And it’s all off head, no Instagram or Tumblr involved.
• They hang out with like-minded people
Like they say, birds of feather flock together. They are always surrounded by other fashionable people.
• They have one thing they know never lets them down
You must come down to one thing you know you are good at. Fashionable people wear so many things but each one of them has one thing they always wear and look their best.
We all know it about them and always take notes every time they add a new twist to it.
• They have perfected the dynamics of working with their heels
It doesn’t matter how long or chunky the heel is, they will make it work any day every time. And if the heel is uncomfortable, they will stay away from it completely.