In Summary

THE KNIGHT. Isaac Rucci is the draw manager, host and Public Relations Officer of Billion Lotto where he has been since 2012. Godfrey Lugaaju has a chat with him on different issues, especially women’s unlimited abilities

Briefly tell me about yourself
I am Isaac Rucci, 49 years old, living in Naalya. I was born at home not the hospital, went to school here and in Nairobi during Idi Amin’s time when we went to exile.
I’m the Draw Master for Billion Lotto. Before that, I was the Executive director of City Yange, an initiative that I started to impact the city cleanliness in partnership with KCCA. The concept got caught in Jennifer and Lukwago’s drama. It’s incubating and waiting for the right time. I’m a happy go lucky kind of guy and a free-spirited dude.

Lucky and free-spirited in what sense?
I love life and don’t sweat the small things. If life is a game, I have learnt to play the hand that has dealt me. What you see is what you get.

Is there anything else you do apart from your job as a host of this draw show?
Yes, I do a number of consultancies on events and company or product launches.

Women’s Day is coming up. What would you do for women if you could?
Allow them more room for leadership and the running of both corporate and public service.

What difference would it make to the world if women got all the support they need.
The world would be a more loving, caring and forgiving one.

How can men generally be more helpful to women?
Allow them to play fairly in the game of life without subscribing to the stereotypes of those being feminists or aggressive when they win in life.

In what capacity do you treasure women?
The ability women have to juggle family and work…that right there is a treasure in itself. I treasure women very much, my mother most especially.

How much change are women able to cause, in your opinion?
With the gains achieved in the past, it’s very evident that women can do it all. There is physical evidence that a woman has caused change in our very own city!

What power do women hold that they don’t seem to realise.
That nurturing power to bring life in things! Women have a natural instinct to nurture life and that sets them apart from men. Even when it comes to projects, work or relationships, if it is not growing, then it is dead!

Which women have impacted in your life the most?
My mother and my two daughters!

Which schools did you go to?
Went to St. Savio Kisubi, then Kitante Hill. After my O’ and A’ Levels, I left for the UK and then the USA.

What is that special thing that people do not know about you?
I seriously want to do comedy and I think I can pull it off.

What is hindering you from doing this?
I am still juggling many things. But I’m using this time to write more and perfect my timing.

Growing up, we all have different dreams, what was yours?
I wanted to travel the world and I am happy I did. I travelled in over 59 countries while touring with the music group, Limit X.

For those who may not know, what is this Limit X?
Limit X is an inspirational singing group that hailed from Uganda in 1989 and took to the United Kingdom and United States of America by storm.

What do you do for leisure?
Some sports such as boxing.

What are some of the challenges you find in being a public figure?
When people think they know you from the screen or print but feel like you should know them back.

How do you handle this?
I play nice. You know you can’t be rude to your fans.

What would be your ultimate achievement in life?
Significance, living a purposeful life.

Your desired legacy
An imprint, impact and influence on the creative industry

Have you got any feedback about your “performance on air”? What has it been like; share some.
It has been great but also funny when people ask me if I know the winning numbers and whether I can share?

What is the weirdest thing you have heard said about you?
That I am the cutest! I was like ‘really’?