The flare pants trend is enjoying its moment now, and getting as many alterations as well. Its latest update are bell bottom pants which flare out from the knee area.
This style of pants is unique because of the asymmetrical hem and pleat detail, which makes them more fun to wear.
They come in a number of fabrics, from denim to chiffons providing a variety for different occasions. They are also quite comfortable to wear and, are of course super stylish. So, to the women who are tired and bored of skinny jeans, you have another reason to smile.
What is more, they make you look taller with the illusion of longer legs.
For shoes, they can be worn with heels, mules, platforms or even heeled sandals.
They cannot be worn with flat shoes, especially because they will be overshadowed by the flare.

• The hem shouldn’t be too short or too long but should strike a balance between the two hitting the right spot of your shoes.
• As we always say, the pleat detail is going to draw attention to your shoes, so make sure you have the right pair.
• High waist pants give off the best results since they flatter every body shape.
• Don’t be afraid to play with volume by pairing your pants with a flowing silk shirt. Just make sure the detail on the shirt doesn’t draw attention away from the pants.
• Have fun in your pants, it’s the reason why they were crafted.