What could be the cause of frequent urination?


Dear Amos,
A healthy bladder can hold up to half a litre of urine during the day and much more (and more concentrated) at night to allow one have restful sleep. When the bladder fills up, one gets an urge to pass urine. Therefore, five or six times a day or once at night is normal depending on one’s hydration level.
How frequently the bladder fills depends on how much excess water the body is trying to get rid of. So, if one is taking lots of fluids (water, tea, alcohol or porridge) and taking certain medications for high blood pressure (such as diuretics) one may pass more urine.
Also a person will pass more urine during cold weather because they may not be losing much water through sweating.
Frequent passage of urine may occur in conditions such as diabetes Mellitus and diabetes insipidus (problems of the brain hormone that helps concentrate urine) where a person may frequently be woken up at night to pass urine.
Passage of little urine but frequently may indicate a urinary tract infection or even stress though in women it may be a sign of pregnancy. Although men generally drink more fluids, women pass urine more frequently because they have a smaller capacity bladder.

What causes ovarian cysts?

I have recently been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Will it affect my ability to get pregnant?

Dear Angella,
An ovarian cyst is usually a painless, harmless fluid filled sac that may form in the ovary, especially among women who still get their periods. Therefore, the commonest cysts are those that occur following the normal function of the ovary to mature and release eggs
When an egg held in a tiny sac (follicle) is released every month, and the sac does not open to release the egg, a follicular cyst may be formed. If the egg is discharged but the sac does not disintegrate it may form a corpus luteum cyst. Both types of cysts usually disappear within three months.
Though the corpus luteum and follicular cysts are the commonest, there are other cysts such as the small but multiple ones (polycystic ovarian cysts), or those due to monthly bleeding into areas of the ovary that may actually interfere with fertility.
Fortunately, these are rare and many others may not have an impact on fertility. Visit a doctor for a checkup since cysts that occur after stopping of periods (menopause) require evaluation to rule out cancer.

I had three wives but abandoned one for using charms. While I am perfectly okay when with one, I fail to get an erection with the other. Is the first wife bewitching me?

Dear Ken,
Erectile dysfunction is the inability for a man to achieve or maintain an erection, sufficient for his sexual needs or those of his partner.
Proper erection and sexual desire to give a fulfilling sexual performance are 80 per cent in one’s mind or psyche.

Occasional erection problems can happen to any man but if selective may indicate psychological problems resulting from a relationship problem between you and the second woman. Also, this can result from fear that the first woman because she is aware of your affair with the second woman may be using charms to kill your relationship. It is likely that you have a good relationship with the newer second woman and hence you have no erection problems with her.
Erection problems have physical and mental components. With sex excitement, the brain sends nerve messages to the penis whereby increased blood flow up to about seven times the normal amount results in a stiff erection. Continued sexual excitement maintains a higher rate of blood flow keeping the erection firm.
Loss of this excitement at any time during a sexual act will lead to sexual failure.

This is especially true with a nagging woman, loss of sex appeal or menopausal problems in a woman that cause sexual difficulties related to age (if the second woman is much older), prejudice, fear and guilt that usually accompany perceived infidelity.
What has happened to you is not a black disease requiring black magic but rather, your mind playing mind games on you at a time you need to show you are a man hence your worry. Serious counselling of both you and your second partner can solve your problem.

I am married but to get an erection, I have to imagine having sex with my ex. Do you think it is charms at work?

Dear Byankabya ,
Something positive that one saw, felt, smelt, heard, or thought will compel nerves to send chemical messages to the blood vessels in the penis resulting in an erection. Therefore, an erection just like sexual enjoyment, starts, continues and ends in one’s brain.
So, your brain keeps recalling the positive attributes from the ex, most probably because these are still fresh in your mind, especially if the break up is recent. Time heals and it is likely that with time this will disappear provided your wife does not compare badly with the ex, a factor that will keep making the ex’s picture vivid in your mind.
Any object without which one may not get sexually gratified is called a fetish.

Fetishism though rare, is a sexual perversion that calls for medical treatment and counselling.

This, although may start as something simple may grow out of proportions.
Many men faced with psychological issues during intimacy are advised to recall their best sexual moments to invigorate their act and unfortunately these might be moments with their exs. This is not a serious issue unless one has to persistently and too often do this akin to an addiction.
Time being the best healer, and counselling the best helper, your kind of problem can be overcome unless of course it has reached fetish proportions when more serious treatment can be given.