In Summary

It has not been smooth running for artiste Henry Tigan in music and in love. Edgar R. Batte sounded out the musician about getting back on track.

You sing about love in a captivating way, how is your love life?
I am very emotional. I hate hurting others. I may not be perfect but I think my partner and lover Sharon Nakato is blessed to have a man like me who is very loving and caring.

How and when did you meet Sharon?
She used to pass by a certain corner where I was usually chilling with my home boys, in Luzira, so I spotted her and started observing her. This went on for a while till I finally decided to request her to share her number with me. I started laying my interests to win her heart. We have been together for two years. We have been blessed with a baby girl who is now one year old.

You were disappointed, and devastatingly so, in a previous relationship with someone you loved a lot, what healing did Sharon offer you?
She has unique character traits that are incomparable. She understands me like she has been with me for decades.
She knows when I am stressed and how to attend to me during such moments. Sharon knows how and when to handle private issues. That is all we want from the ladies.

How does she handle you when you are stressed?
She comforts me and, of course, tells me what the ears want to hear, that everything will be alright.

When are you formalising the relationship?
We are planning on doing that next year. I will visit her parents formally and then we will start planning the introduction and wedding ceremonies.

What was it like organising your concert?
It has not been easy. I did not get big sponsors to support my concert but thanks to the almighty God and the strong team I have on board, we have managed to cover all major costs.
For now, I can say that all is good and I am waiting to put up a good show for my fans that will turn up to support me.

What inspired your album title song Webale Mukama ?
There is so much I am grateful for so I sang the song to give thanks and praise the lord for the gift of life among all gifts. I cannot compare anything to life.
As people, we go through hardships, face challenges of all kinds in life and we end up complaining to God for not caring about us forgetting that we have life, we have a chance to witness a new day all the time. So, we should not look at wealth and other treasures of the world. We should be thankful for the gift of life. I have seen hell on earth and reached a point in life where I questioned God for my existence.

What ‘hell’ have you been through?
It has been hell not knowing what my closest friends think of me
during the bad days. There was a lot of pressure from the media and my fans who were uncomfortable that I had disappeared completely with my music. I have tried to explain to them that my music does not fade. It sounds fresh all the time. Many people compare it to that of singers Maddox Ssemanda Sematimba and Kabuye Ssemboga.

Which of your songs would you dedicate to your partner?
In a special way, I will sing for her my love song titled Nsiimye Ggwe. The message in there is direct because it says that those I met before showed me they were not honestly and genuinely in love with me

Who showed you obuyaye (dishonesty)?
My previous lover.

What did she do?
She showed me that I was simply a path for her to reach her destination in matters of the heart and life.

What do you do away from music?
I am an adult educator and councillor.

How do you earn from the two roles and how do you charge?
Through community-based projects; I have clients that I attend to in their free time at work or home so they pay me. I charge for my services per session and the price is negotiable.

Does it sustain you well?
It has kept me surviving for the period i have not been active in the music industry so I am not complaining but rather appreciative.

What is your greatest wish?
To stay alive and watch my children grow.

What do you enjoy most about parenting?
I enjoy caring for my children and wife, meet their needs, sometimes bathe them. I enjoy the experience of taking my girl to school. I am a rare father.

How many children do you have?
I have three children. My first born is a girl then a boy and another girl.

What are your plans?
I am working hard to have record label. I would like to penetrate the international market because I have what it takes to do so. I am planning on doing more music collaborations with big names and I hope to contribute positively to our music industry.