October is a special month in the Catholic Church. It is dedicated in a special way to praying the Rosary. This originated from the celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (every October 7). This Feast was established in thanksgiving to God for the crucial victory of Christians in Europe over the invading Turks at the battle of Lepanto in 1571, won through the intercessory power of the Rosary.
The Rosary is a Christ-centred prayer. It reflects on the life of Jesus. It sets forth His entire life and ministry; His suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension. Some have even called it a summary of the gospel. We do not just recite the prayers, but we meditate as well.
At the same time, we invoke the intercession of Mary the mother of Jesus. She occupies an important place in the plan of salvation. She is the mother of Jesus Christ, true God and true man. Many graces and blessings are, and have been, received by those who commit to pray the Rosary regularly. Testimonies abound concerning the efficacy of this special prayer.

Time to be more devout
October is our time to commit to praying the Rosary every day. The Rosary is a tool for bringing peace and transformation into our lives. As a people interceding for our nation, this could be one of our greatest, or even the greatest, means easily available to us. To profit from it, you do not have to be Catholic! Think of spending those minutes praying the Rosary instead of spreading, or absorbing negative energy.
With all the hustle and bustle of our lives, however, it is so easy to forget about the Rosary. Or, we could fail to find time for it on our already overstretched schedules. Here are five ways to help you remain focused in this special month.

Always move with a reminder of what matters
Choose to have a Rosary (duly blessed by a priest) made of big beads in your purse or pocket. It will always remind you to recite your Rosary.
Additionally, you could buy a small prayer card showing all the mysteries of the Rosary and the associated prayers. Have them where you must see them during the day.

Use your travel time
On your way to or from work, you can use those minutes efficiently and effectively by praying your Rosary. You do not have to wait for slow traffic.
Get yourself into the right disposition for prayer as soon as you board that vehicle and pray.

Make it a family practice
Surely, you can arrange with your family to fix an appropriate time to pray the Rosary together. For example, it could be just before or after mealtime.
This practice alone has the potential to draw family members closer to each other, and save most of our marriages and children.
Use technology- heard of the audio?
You could get an audio form of the Rosary prayer and play it in your car as you travel.
Or you could just play it on any one of your devices, and pray along. You could tune into a Catholic radio station. The idea is to dispose yourself for prayer, and actually pray.

Tap into the power of association
Get a group of friends together and commit to reciting the Rosary daily. You could physically pray together, such as during lunch breaks or immediately after work. Or simply hold each other accountable on your commitment.
By the way, these suggestions can help you to stay committed in any field you choose to focus on.

• Islam uses 99 beads and the Hindus and Buddhists use 100 as well as 66 beads. Prayers are repeated as the beads are counted.
• The purpose of the different beads on the rosary is to count the various prayers as they are said. Unlike the Muslim prayer beads and the mantras of Buddhism, the prayers of the rosary are meant to occupy our whole being, body and soul, while meditating on the truths of the Faith.
• Any prayer is in vain if said without devotion. Simply to repeat prayers is not the vain repetition condemned by Christ (Mt 6:7), since He Himself repeats His prayer in the Garden three times (Mt 26:39, 42, 44) and the Psalms (inspired by the Holy Spirit) are often very repetitive.