The story titled: ‘Besigye blames refugee crisis on Museveni’ in Daily Monitor of Thursday, June 16, raises one of those issues which escape many Ugandans unnoticed. It is such issues that pose a very huge hindrance to national development and impact negatively on the host nation/population where the refugees settle. Uganda has been a victim of the refugee crisis for long just like other countries in Africa and of recent, in Europe after the Arab Spring.
Personally, I believe that both the causes and solutions to the refugee crisis is not in any way under the lay man’s control. Yet this is the major category of the people who suffers most.
As Dr Kizza Besigye illustrated and indeed as seen from most causes of refugee crisis around the world, guns and militarism are some of the common reasons for emergence of refugees - and you and me, know which powers control such.
The best solution to the refugee crisis is for the international community to come out strongly and where possible push for military action against leaders who cause or abet refugee crisis.
However, many people in Africa believe that they missed this opportunity when former president Barrack Obama occupied the White House. Then, he would have given Africa one gift, including stopping conditions that lead to the refugee crisis.
Among other issues, there is need to ensure that leaders on the African continent adhere to term limits as set in their countries’ constitutions. Any leader who dare to amend the constitution to remove term limits should face severe sanctions.
Apart from the term limits issue, Africa needs an internationally drawn law forbidding any rebel activity on the continent. This requires deploying an international force led by troops from the world’s most powerful country, America.
Surely, I believed that with black/African giants and African-Americans having occupied high positions in the international arena, including Obama, Kofi Annan, Boutrous Boutrous and Nelson Mandela, among others, the world would have listened to their great proposals about the plight of Africa given their status.
But it seems like we have missed out on such opportunities. Can Mr Antonio Guterres achieve this? Otherwise, like Dr Besigye said, I too believe that the refugee crisis in Uganda in particular and the region as a whole, are still with us.
Sempiri Kijjambu,