As part of Monitor Publications Ltd’s celebrations to mark 25 years of existence, it gifted 25 couples that have been married for 25 years and above. Some couples were given a weekend at the best lodges in Uganda and others were treated to a spa.

And as a writer in the Daily Monitor, I was also treated to a full body massage at positive Emotions, Garden City in Kampala. However, after a few minutes in the room, I thought maybe I should have instead gone for a movie.

The masseuse, Immaculate Nakacwa, told me to hang in there. “Most times you never realise that your body is tensed up until you give it a massage that awakens and unblocks all veins,” she said.

I hanged in there like she had said and as she massaged me, I realised that although I do not carry jerrycans, run after children each and everyday and have to plan for a family, my body was equally worked out.

I felt relieved, refreshed and relaxed. When I met a friend that same evening, he kept commenting about how I looked different with a glow on my face. I told him the secret and he rubbished it off. I told him he needed to treat his wife and mother of his three children to the same even if it is only once on her birthday.

“There is no need,” he said. “She is busy with children and I think she is becoming lazy lately. She no longer responds to my sexual calls claiming she is tired. She has unending mood swings and she no longer takes care of herself. She is even looking older than her age,” he complained.

“The more reason she needs a massage,” I objected. We argued for half the time we spent together that evening and he only believed when we consulted ‘Dr Google’ on the benefits of a massage.

Massage will help relieve headache that is mainly triggered by stress and poor sleep. So if your wife is having sleepless nights because a child is not feeling fine, instead of complaining and calling her sluggish, you can help her relax.

The same massage will improve her mood. It is no secret that a massage can relax you and make you feel good mentally, but did you know that it may even help treat anxiety and depression? Massage is able to lower the stress hormone, by as much as 53 per cent. It also appears to increase the feel-good hormones. So your wife is not moody, she is just tired.

Other benefits of a massage include; lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility, breaking back pain, among others. A massage might seem expensive and unnecessary but you might choose to do it on a Sunday evening yourself.

So, before you complain that your wife and mother of your children who cooks, cleans and keeps the home in order is acting all lazy and negligible; maybe you might consider giving her a treat that will remind her of how beautiful she is.

The truth is, she might never realise that her body is growing weary and you might never notice that her energy is drained but a husband who cares will once in a while make sure that his wife is in good shape. Wives should do the same, men also get exhausted.