The wonders of Kampala in particular and Uganda in general never cease. Recently while in a slow moving drive to pick up my child from school, I drove behind a pick-up truck. The pick-up had the red ‘UG’ number plate of some ministry’s department or agency in the Justice, Law and Order Sector.
It had in its rear windscreen a sticker proclaiming: “I pay taxes.
I demand good services”.

Obviously, a very noble assertion and demand under normal circumstances. However, this was not a normal circumstance.

This was a government vehicle clearly not delivering a public service - good or bad - but on a purely private errand. What the irony! A more apt sticker for government vehicles (including those of our hundreds of authorities, boards, universities and parastatals) would run something like: “This vehicle was procured with your taxes; report any misuse to Toll-free number 0800....”

HGK Nyakoojo
Buziga, Kampala