However, notwithstanding the fact that Brazil is famous for these attributes, the country has an incredibly wondrous, rich and diversified cuisine that permeates every aspect of Brazilian culture.
Do not make the mistake of putting Brazil in the same league as Latin American cuisine since they share a commonality of ingredients. To understand Brazilian food and cooking, one has to appreciate the fact that Brazil, unlike the rest of South America that was colonised by Spain, fell under the colonial yoke of Portugal.
Brazilian cuisine is represented by three different cultures namely; the Portuguese, the Africans, along with the native Indians. This trinity is the essence of Brazilian culture and its influence can be found in the music they play, in the food they eat, and in the faces of the people.

If you go…
Place: La Cabana
Location: Speke Apartments, Wampewo Avenue
The Space: Parking secure and abundant
The Crowd: A lot of expats as well as residents and Ugandans
The Bar: Very well stocked with all manner of drinks available
Menu: Prix Fixe between Shs70,000 and Shs80,000: Starter: Mandica frita, Salad: Mixed vegetable salad, tomato and onion salad: Churrasco meat festival viz. Grilled Tilapia fish fillet, charcoal grilled chicken drumsticks marinated in a beer marinade, garlic and marinated chicken thigh, spiced beef.
Side dishes: Onion rice, sweet mashed potatoes, French fries.
Sauces: garlic sauce, barbecue sauce and mushroom sauce. Dessert: Cinnamon and sugar grilled pineapple.

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit