Pherrie Kimbugwe has learnt that being present at her business premises fetches much more commercial returns than when she delegates. Her newest enterprise, HP Beauty Spot, is not any different from other salons in the city.

Her selling proposition is offering beauty services all under one roof in a comfortable, convenient and affordable environment. “We want our clients to simply feel at home, like they are in their own living room,” she explains.

Getting a good team
To realise this, putting together a team. And in providing jobs, Kimbugwe was keen on qualities of people who would work for her. As time has taught her, getting a good team is a work in progress.

“My team continues to grow. I cannot say I am done with putting the team together. A salon business is a revolving door. You keep taking on people because there is always new styles and always someone doing something different that the clients need,” she explains.

Kimbugwe juggles personal enterprises with employment. She is the head of operations at a night club. When revellers are not on the dance floor or enjoying the confines of the swanky club, there are management meetings.
Much of her day is taken up by her different enterprises, including a beauty spot, a salon, a clothing line that caters to trendy dressing needs for Muslim women who want to be stylish and modest, as well as real estate. For now, though, it is the beauty spot that is taking much of her daytime hours and where she is putting her communication and customer care skills.

“Starting out with anything is always a challenge. Business is no different. Getting the business known and marketing the services is never easy but with a lot of faith, determination and support from those who believe in you, is easier to break out,” the entrepreneur explains.

Every detail counts
The main thing starting her own business taught her is to know that everything is important and that every single thing matters, however minimal. “Every detail counts because it all adds up to make the final major picture.”

The most important quality she looks for in any individual, whether it is for friendships, relationships and work is integrity.

She will then see if one has humility, professionalism and experience. For now, with her team, it is a situation of building a business with mutual benefits, capitalising on the fact that every sort of business comes with its own perks and challenges.
“So, I honestly cannot compare one to the other. Everything I choose to do is always because I believe in it. My job is to make the masses believe in these products and services as much as I do or even more than I do,” Kimbugwe further explains.

Customer first
And while she does so, at the back of her mind is a customer comes first and they are never wrong. That partly means that she should be keen on supervising her workforce.

Kimbugwe, however, confesses that supervision is an area she needs improvement on. “I just cannot micro manage people. I do not believe in micro management. I believe an individual knows why they are at work or have chosen to do whatever they are doing so should give it their best potential.”

Kimbugwe says her wish in life is that: “We all could be better people to each other. Value each other more. Not take anything for granted and treat every single person the exact way we would want to be treated.”