I react to the comment, ‘OTT tax is violation of freedom of speech’, in the Daily Monitor of July 3. I am in love with the way Ugandans are arranging their wits to circumvent the OTT tax and their objection to blocking the VPN.

I wish they use and replicate this same enthusiasm in circumventing the orbit of poverty and unemployment in order to reclaim the lost mantle of the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda will then be at its high-noons of being in the hub of middle-income states if these wits are substituted into transformation.

If the hindmost is effected, then with no shadow of skepticism, Uganda will be the long awaited and cater-wailed paradised State ever. This is because I don’t behold a charge of Shs200 fall within the ambit of unfair or based on irrational considerations or impairing the fundamental rights.

This stems from the universal demand for good health facilities, good roads and an effective public service prism, which should be underscored by this minimal levy.

As it is now, these said impugned rights by the OTT taxes, are non-absolute as per the case of Muwanga Kivumbi vs Attorney General 2017 as they are susceptible to any curtailment in the spirit of Objective-XI of the 1995 Constitution.

Our prime role as we solicitous hombres should be to render these dubbed self-absorbed and money-grabbing upper echelon officials to account than being stumbling blocks against this infamous tax.

However, accountability should only be notched if the Inspector General of Government (IGG) and the Judiciary are intrepid and lionhearted to catch the dubbed ‘big-fish’ public officials and bring their souls to effective answerability of their actions. It is a trite opinion, therefore, that our cries should also be directed towards these organs to play their constitutionalised roles.

I am further fortified that the long far-fetched breakthrough of this darkness of poverty and unemployment that made Ugandans to be its perennial prisoners could be extinguished if these sagacities and acumen that have become awash against OTT taxes are directed towards a quantum-leap of this monster that seems to haunt the present generations and our posterity. I behold this ego as a vigour to deviate this unemployment environment if the latter is occasioned.
Gordan MukisaKijjambu,
[email protected]