When a British Labour Party Member of Parliament Jo Cox was attacked and killed on June 16, 2016 by a deranged political fanatic at the height of the Brexit campaigns, the country was shocked.

In the ensuing by-election to replace Jo Cox for the Batley and Spen Constituency, which was held on October 20, 2016, all the parties with representation in Parliament (Conservative Party, Liberal Democrats, UKIP and the Greens) decided out of decency, not to field any candidates against the Labour Party, “out of respect” and in line with political decency because the by-election was occasioned by a political assassination.

Labour candidate Tracy Brabin won the by-election with 85 per cent of the vote against eight fringe candidates from far right groups.

Although there is no law against fielding candidates to replace an assassinated politician, it would be the height of political indecency for FDC, DP and UPC to field candidates for the Arua Municipality by-election to replace assassinated NRM MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

It will also send a very wrong message that politics in Uganda is a zero-sum game for other parties and even encourage future assassinations.
Otim Olile,