While flowers, teddy bears and chocolates are seemingly the norm on the day, widening our scope to affordable yet spark evoking gifts would be a great idea. For men, you could get your loved one an infinity scarf.

It does not have to be red and black, let it carry the colours that your loved prefers. Then it will hold more meaning to them.

You could also gift her with cushions bearing endearing words because this is a gift she will keep for years. If she is the kind that is into fragrances, like most women are, her favourite perfume would have her smiling widely.

For women, get your man a blazer, you might have seen him look at one unendingly, get it for him to let him know that you pay attention to his needs.

I understand that men’s shoes are quite costly, but a pair of shoes will also do. It might seem not so romantic but elevating your man’s underwear and sock collection with high quality pieces will put a naughty smile to his face.

If he is a bit too traditional, then, a shaving kit with great after shave will delight him. You could also think of getting him a set of high quality ties to replace those he has used over the years.

For unisex gifts, you could get your loved one a sculpture portraying love, say hands forming the sign of love. You could also gift them with a spa voucher, January has been one nerve wrecking month, and unwinding and removing tension from their muscles would be a welcome idea.

You could also organise for a getaway for just the two of you for the day but if work schedules cannot allow, pushing it to the weekend will still be acceptable. Taking your loved one for a candle-lit dinner followed by a massage is

a welcome idea.

However, if you would rather have it in the comfort of your home, cooking for your loved one their favourite meal will suffice for the day.
All that matters is getting that person something that has meaning and holds importance to them.