If you have young children and you do not have a play area/ children’s living room/ TV room, frankly speaking I do not know what you are waiting for! I mean I have been taken round to children’s playrooms that are literally bigger than my own living room and seen those that would seem to only hold miniature beings, while others choose to apportion one corner of the family living room to the children.

Whatever situation you are in, I believe children need their own space, in which they are almost free to do as they please and make discoveries.
With this in mind, it is necessary to know what constitutes a conducive play area:

Moderately heavy furniture; This makes it difficult for children to move out of place or over someone during play time or even just out of curiosity. I say moderately because as the children grow, it is easy to move this furniture to suit whatever changing programmes come up.
More rounded and not sharp cornered furniture and accessories will increase health and safety in this space.

Carpet flooring; I am not a fan of wall to wall carpeting unless it is a ‘do or die’ situation. In this case, for families that have toddlers carpet flooring would be ideal because it helps with soft landing for those frequent falls and also it is cozy. It is not uncommon for children to just drop off and sleep on the floor without the knowledge of the nanny.

Vibrant colour; If you cannot stand big splashes of colour on the walls so much so that it does not matter whether it is for the children, the alternative would be to splash it out on the accessories such as throw cushions, wall art, lamp shades and floor rugs...keep your walls plain neutral. The beauty of this is that as the children grow up you are able to change the setting at less cost.

Light furnishings; Furnishings should not be made from light material such as cork or sponge. If they are heavy, you increase the risk of regular injuries in situations where children knock over an item and it falls on someone’s foot. Also fragile furnishings such as glass objects that crack or break easily would be most unacceptable.