We all know that excess alcohol consumption is bad for health. Side effects of alcohol range from lightheadedness, to poverty, to major life threatening effects like liver damage. And for some of us trying to lose weight, it is certainly a no-go area because alcohol prevents weight loss. In light of these challenges, drinking an odd glass of wine once a month is hardly cause for alarm, so here are tips for drinking alcohol healthily:
1.The sugar content in a drink is what distinguishes between a healthier drink and a not-so-healthy drink. In most cases, light drinks have less or no sugar at all and are therefore considered healthy. Drinks like Vodka, Whiskey, dry-wine are good options. These drinks are meant to be drunk slowly, over time. However, what can make light drinks bad for health are the mixers. So, watch what you mix in such drinks. Liquors, darker drinks such as beers, red wine have more sugar added, hence are more likely to make you gain weight and develop a “beer belly”.
2.Drink water in between alcoholic drinks –this will keep you hydrated but also help you take less alcohol.
3.Opt for smaller glasses –choose a small glass of wine instead of a large or a half-pint instead of a full one, and sip it slowly
4.Mix drinks with coke zero or distilled water to dilute them a little
5.Choose vegetable juice over fruit juice for a mixer. Fruits can make you gain weight faster than vegetables.
6.Avoid cocktails, particularly those laden with cream, sugar, mixed fruits and syrups
7.Eat food before you drink. If you did not get a chance to eat before you started drinking, then eat while you drink. Drinking on an empty stomach can make you get drunk faster, and getting drunk faster could lead to more drinking .

Catherine Nannozi, clinical nutritionist at Cathy’s Wellness Centre