She wore bright and beautiful colours. Her hair was in a sophisticated style that accentuated her features. Her nails were long and painted a bright pink.

We met along the aisle into the small aircraft and she was upset. One of the attendants had ticked her off. I smiled with understanding as she continued, ‘how could he do that to me and yet I paid for my bag?’

I had also paid 45 dollars for my small suitcase. Apparently, whether one had a carryon or checked-in luggage, we were all required to pay.

After paying for her bags, she had been sidelined and she felt she had been treated badly because she was a woman of colour.

I offered reassuring smiles and mumbled a few sorrys. I had been waiting 13 hours in the busy airport so all I wanted was for the plane to take off at the earliest opportunity.
When we landed, my new friend and I walked together to the buggage claim area. She was still upset by the earlier experience. I let her rant on.

In the course of our conversation, things changed. She offered me a ride to my destination. It was past midnight and I was exhausted. She had me driven to my little hotel which turned out to be the wrong one and then she ensured that I was sent off to the right place. She made a few calls and my late night turned out as good as the French team scoring against Croatia in the recently concluded World Cup.

I thanked her profusely. She would have none of it. Yet again, in a far off land I had encountered an angel. She did not require anything from me and she was engaged in my welfare like I was her daughter.

In a time and age where everyone just seems to mind their own business, it was deeply humbling to find one who did not see life a certain way.

She ministered to the core of my soul leaving me speechless and humbled. Clearly God was looking out for me.This was on the heels of the fact that privately, I was dealing with the passing of my biological father whose body was being buried when I was in transit.

I am yet to write a fully fledged tribute to my father but I am grateful that my heavenly father still sends me angels and He continues to care for me!