Finding good quality, affordable, and clothes that flatter you when pregnant does not have to be difficult. If baggy shirts and sweaters are not your thing and you cannot stand the sight of saggy maternity jeans, here are a few tips and secrets to help you find stylish maternity wear as a stylish mum.

Look out for flattering staples
Some of the staples you need to invest in are t-shirts, mummy jeans, leggings that aren’t tight on your bump and comfortable dresses. You do not have to hide your belly, invest in fitting stretchy tops. Dresses and skirts can also be an excellent choice.

Pick the right size
Your baby bump will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. It is essential to accommodate these changes when shopping for maternity wear.

When stocking your maternity wardrobe, look for jeans or trousers with elastic waistbands or expanding panels as they are comfortable and can help you go through the nine months.
You do not want a situation where you outgrow your clothes and have to shop again. Stay away from oversized maternity clothing as they only make you appear bigger.
Raid Your Closet for Existing Pieces
One of the things most pregnant women forget is their existing wardrobe. It is obvious you do not want to go through your closet to find out what fits and what does not. Check your closet for cute ‘maternity perfect’ blouses or t-shirts. Jackets and accessories such as belts should not be forgotten.

Pay attention to detail

Do not shop for maternity wear because you’re pregnant and need to look good. Getting quality pieces can last you even after the bump. Check to see if the fabric stretches. Clothes with stretch fabric, flex fabric, or a jersey fabric give you more flexibility. Also, test the clothing for sheerness.

Regular clothes as maternity fashion
A styled up pregnancy
There is no need to drop big bucks on maternity clothes. You can get a lot of mileage out of what is already in your closet. All you need is a nip here, a tuck there, and some nifty styling tricks. We partnered with crafty bloggers with mad pregnancy-clothing skills. Check out chic looks, get DIY tips and tricks, and have a pretty pregnancy – without spending a penny.

Multitasking belly band
Pants a tad snug? Unbutton them, but keep everything under wraps with a belly band – a soft piece of stretchy fabric that fits around your waist. You can buy the band, make your own, or just cut off the top of a snug-fitting, super-stretchy tee, cami, or tank.

Form-fit a T-shirt
Got an oversized tee you aren’t too attached to? One of the fastest and easiest ways to transform it into a stylish maternity top is to ruche, or gather, the sides with elastic. It’s a quick fix with a sewing machine. The basic technique: Turn the shirt inside out and use a stretch stitch to sew elastic up the side seam, from near the hem to just below the bustline, pulling it taut as you go.

A little extra length
There will come a day when you reach for your favorite shirt – and it comes up short. That’s one reason why extra-long tanks and camis are pregnancy staples. But if you want to add length without layering, try this DIY fix. Attach a border of fabric at the bottom of a straight-hemmed top. You could cut off the bottom of a T-shirt that is the same width, then stitch the pieces together or attach them using fabric glue or tape. Have fun with some bold colour blocking.

Totally thrown-together tunic
Absolutely no sewing required! Not even a needle and thread. All you need is 2 yards of stretchy fabric, scissors, and 10 minutes to make this clever DIY design. Drape the fabric, snip some armholes, and trim the hemline to whatever length you would like. Pair it with leggings, a long tank, and a belt, and you are good to go.

Shop your closet
The luckiest closet finds are the clothes that need no alteration. Look for looser pieces, such as peasant tops, tunics, maxis, and anything with an empire waist. Wrap dresses and tops with ties are easy to adjust. Get creative! No one said a full skirt with an elastic waist can’t become a strapless top.

Borrowed from the boys
Take inspiration from menswear. Roll up the sleeves of a big button-down. Leave it open with a camisole underneath, or belt it just below the bust. A thin leather belt is cool, but a pretty scarf or ribbon adds feminine flare.