Another year has passed by, congratulations to all those that found love, it is not an achievement to ignore but a point to thank God and keep praying for a happily ever after.

To all my friends out there who for one reason or another are alone and bored with the whole ‘love’ topic, there is still hope for a tree, if it’s cut, it shall sprout again.

I know a few friends who thought and did all they could to walk down the isle this year but fate had other plans. That is the point, no one is in control of the love boat apart from fate.

A friend told me that she tried to date and compromise her standards just to get herself a spouse but she came back empty handed. She, therefore, hates the idea of trying again.

Well, she is not the only one. The year passed by so fast and even with our efforts to achieve some stuff, we came back frustrated. Family and friends pressure you but you wish they could just give you a break.

Do not give up hope. Love will come knocking when you least expect it, just be open to the idea. Give your heart a chance to find love. It might be frustrating and tiring but it is better than not trying at all.

Another friend could not stand ending a year alone in his apartment that loneliness drove him back to the hands of an ex who hurt him so bad that he had sworn never to love again.

Loneliness is a strong wave that sweeps even the strong-hearted. It drags you to places and people who are far from your taste and league.

You know love is like food. However much we try so hard to stay away from it, we find ourselves drawn back again. As food is good to the soul, love is delicious to the heart. Do not leave through life without knowing the pleasure of loving and being loved.

Gift yourself, take a vacation and eat healthy. Loving yourself with bring you peace and energise you to love another person. I am wishing you all the best in your 2019 resolutions. May God give you what you deserve. Happy New year!
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