Every woman is different, and hence, every girl requires her own approach. However much we try to generalise women, they still each remain unique. Although there are exceptions of when a woman will let you in without the due hassle, there are those that seem to be immune to everything a man can throw at them.

I do not consider myself to be a particularly smooth guy, despite the obvious objections of some of my friends. This is because they only know about my successes, and they do not know that for every one success, there are over 15 failures.

Yes, the statistics are that bad. Back to the point; I do not consider myself to be smooth, but I have been around, and have got to meet many kinds of women: the intellectual kind, the passive kind, the wild ones, the home girls, the trouble-seekers, the ready-to-get married, the list is endless.

That is the closest I have come to categorising women. So, when I meet a woman, the first thing I try to do is to locate which category she falls under. There, it is easier than simply shooting in the dark.

But there was this one girl who seemed totally immune to whatever form of attack I could cook up for her. I tried the usual; subtle, gentlemanly, direct attack, reversed attack, all in rapid succession, but nothing seemed to be working. I even tried using a middle man to make a pass for me, she stood firm.
And the firmer she stood, the more curious and unnerved I became.

Somehow, it all felt wrong. No, she did not turn me down. That would have made matters easier, because I would then know that I am not her type. She simply did not react to anything. It makes you wonder if you are losing your touch, like many men who have come across this kind of woman will tell you.

In an act close to desperation, I asked a friend, a mean man who dated several women at a go who I thought might have some insight, gathered from the numerous women he had dated. And it worked, but not the way I had expected. See, the woman turned out to be a lesbian.

Yes, you read right. She was a lesbian and the signs had all been there, I simply chose not to see them.

My player friend told me to ask another woman out while she was watching. If she remained neutral, then I might as well give up because she just did not give a hoot about anything I had for her.

If she reacted, then, I would base on her reaction to tell what direction to move in. it sounded logical, so the next chance I got to see her, I hit on her buddy.

The reaction was instantaneous. I could literally feel her preparing for an attack. I continued flirting with her friend, and before I knew it, Miss L told her friend they had to leave. That was certainly curious, and though we tried to figure it out, my friend and I could not.

A week later, I ran into her friend all by herself. I sat her down and we talked. I asked her to hook me up with her friend, and she laughed. She could not believe that I was this blind. She explained that her buddy was a lesbian, and the incident we had a week ago had been because Miss L was interested in the woman I was trying to chat up as well.

She was simply reacting like anyone would after realising that someone is encroaching on their territory. I could not believe it, but it made so much sense. I mean, what other explanation was there?

Next time I saw her, I told her about it, and she was also surprised that I had just figured it out. Well, what happened was that I and Miss L ended up chasing after the same chic, her friend. In the end, Miss L won.