The big day is today, Valentine’s Day, a special day when most people celebrate their love. In most cases, before the day’s do, many send cards, letters and gifts. chocolates, candy, lingerie, wines and champagne are among other lovely stuff couples give to each other.
Many go an extra mile to arrange surprise dinners or even nights out with their loved ones. It is still on this day when others [women] expect their loved one to propose or take the relationship to another level.

Dressed to the nines in red or black, people expect and plan a lot for the day but unfortunately, some close the day’s celebrations in tears and heartbreak.

Has it ever happened to you? Do you even know how it feels if your partner behaves contrary to your expectations? Phina Mutiima will always remember how her sweetheart broke her heart on Valentine’s Day 10 years ago.

“We agreed to meet in the evening after work at one of the renowned hotels in Kampala but at about 4pm, I decided to rush back home and freshen up. On arriving home, he was busy kissing another woman in the house we shared.

To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. To date, I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day,” she says.
However, when such things happen to you, do you give up on love altogether or do you forge on and believe in the power of love to change any

situation into good? Our readers share some of their experiences and how they overcame.

Moses Kamba, married
I organised an outing with my girlfriend, yes she turned up but instead of attending to me, she was busy receiving another man’s calls. After some time, I was so annoyed I just cancelled the date and told her to leave. I ended up calling off the relationship that evening because I could not stay with someone who did not love or respect me.

Irene Mukuye, married
I prepared to take my husband for a Valentine’s Day treat and made a reservation for two at a restaurant in Kampala. However, before settling down on which dress and shoes to wear, he called in the morning on the very day an apology that he was not going to make it because of a tight work schedule. I was so hurt that he could turn me down on such an important day.

Zam Gavoola, married
There is one Valentine’s Day when my fiancé (now husband) promised to take me out in the evening at around 7pm. I made sure that I was ready by 6:30pm. However, I waited for him but he never returned until around midnight when he popped in saying his boss had given him another assignment. I was so disappointed that he did not even have the nerve to call and tell me what had happened.

Denis Ssozi Kizza, engaged
Last year’s Valentine’s Day, my fiancé surprised me with flower placed in a beautiful glass vase. I placed it on my table at work but as I continued with the day’s work, I accidently broke it. I was really hurt for I adored it so much. And when I told her about the incident, she vowed never to buy me any more gifts.

Gideon Makanga, married
Fifteen years ago, my girlfriend did not show up for our planned Valentine’s Day dinner. Because I was worried, I called her friend who told me that she had other plans. Later in the evening, I saw her with another man heading to a club. I never bothered to call or talk to her but I decided to end the relationship.

Aisha Nangobi, dating
I surprised him with a Valentine’s Day gift which was delivered to his workplace. He was supposed to pick me from home for dinner after work but he did not show up. I was so heartbroken but mostly because he did not even bother to call and explain what had happened. I took this as a clear sign that he did not love me anymore.