While watching TV, one day, Nabaggala saw a woman advising another on how to dress and alongside her name was the title – image consultant. Thrilled by what she did, Nabaggala was certain that it was something that resonated with her.
“Growing up, my relatives and close family always asked me about colour, print, and accessory matching. I was certain that it was something I wanted to do.”

Her dream came easy because she was already into branding at Saatchi & Saatchi and understood that image could break or kill a brand. Just like that, Nabaggala was ready to turn her passion into a job. “I have helped many people command presence in a new job.
My driving force is to bring the best out of someone.”

And for that to happen, she always reminds any of her clients that it all starts in the mind, “You perceive, accept it, and then you will see that it is not an impossibility anymore.”

She is drawn to women who face several changes yet they need to stay relevant. “It could be a woman that needs to look the part in a job she has held for several years, command respect among employees, one who has never felt appreciated since childhood and desires to gain confidence. It could be a mother that desires to regain her youthful flair after closing doors to child birth.” That greatly informed the 2018 Women’s Getaway where the guest speaker, Caroline Mutoko, empowered women to change a few things about themselves such as time management, getting ‘me’ time to cope in a fast paced world.

Nabaggala, while at university, knew that she had a knack for both advertising and fashion. But she went for advertising. She had done Industrial Fine Art and realised it was advertising that was lucrative. “I did not see myself sitting down to tailor anything despite loving to put pieces together.” But when passion took an upper hand over making money, Nabaggala decided to do something about it.
In 2011, she did an image consulting course in South Africa and was later certified, upon completing tests.

Nabaggala is thankful that she is bettering women’s lives with her eye for detail. “I have put a smile on their faces by simply advising them on the colours that work best for them.
The ability to do that may not seem much for someone, but it brings beauty right from the inside, making one glow effortlessly.”

Living her passion
Nabaggala has learned several lessons along the way and one that stands out is confidence building. Understanding clients’ needs gives her an edge on how to offer appropriate services.

One of the ways through which she is supporting women is wardrobe analysis, “When she looks through the clothes, bags, and accessories of clients, she understands her client’s attitude, colours, and character. That informs what can be kept, what to eliminate, what to buy as well as how to advise.

Exceptional skills
Although she had researched and read about it ettiquette, Nabaggala decided to pursue the course in 2016, that would cater for social and business behaviour. “I am glad I did, because I got answers to things I had never understood.
The way people sit, why a certain set of cutlery is used and the like.” With this skill, Nabaggala was ready to offer a whole package to her clients. tips.

Brief Profile:
Faith Nabaggala is the proprietor of Gala Image Consulting and founder of The Women’s getaway. She is a certified image consultant from the South African Image Academy and holds a certificate in Adult Finishing School from the School of Etiquette – South Africa. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in
Industrial and Fine Art.