There are many service providers who offer access to self-storage facilities these days as this has become a popular solution among those who want to invest in commercial structures.

Ismail Mulindwa, a property agent, says facilities such as these are used by both individuals and businesses for various reasons. Some of the benefits of using self-storage facilities include:

Mulindwa says self-storage facilities are perfect for a range of purposes for both individuals and business users. For individuals, these facilities are ideal if you are leaving home.

“If you’re going to be away for some time, or you want to protect your valuables in a secure facility and for businesses, they are perfect if you want to store equipment and archives safely,” Mulindwa says.

He adds that with the right storage facility, you get to benefit from safety and security for your belongings. Depending on the facility you use, you may benefit from security measures such as CCTV and even around the clock security staff.

A choice of units
Mulindwa says storage facilities tend to offer a choice of units, which means that you can find a unit that is ideally sized for your needs.

“This means that you will be able to ensure you have enough space for your belongings. You will also benefit from a choice of providers, which makes it easier to find a facility that is close to your home or business for greater ease and convenience,” Mulindwa says.

He adds that self-storage offers an affordable solution to any person or business looking for a safe place to store items. It is ideal for those on a limited budget.

“The cost of storage will depend on the facility, how long you need it for, and the size of the unit you require. However, regardless of what you needs are, you will find that it is an affordable storage method, “ Mulindwa says.

He adds that when you put your items into self-storage, you can benefit from easy access to your belongings around the clock. It is well worth choosing a storage facility that is close to where you live or your place of business.

“This wide range of benefits is part of the reason why the popularity of self-storage facilities has increased dramatically because storage is a core necessity for an organised life,” Mulindwa says.

Daniel Sesanga, a developer, who owns a hostel, says for people with time-restricted commitments, self-storage units are a convenient way of keeping items and belongings.

“Universities and colleges are filled with students from distant cities – or a different country altogether – who have to return home at the end of every session due to holidays but storage house do support,” Sesanga says.

He adds that for students, it is advisable to use nearby storage units instead of travelling all the way to their villages with your baggage during the inter-semester breaks.

“Self-storage facilities are convenient options for keeping items till the next academic session,” Sesanga says.

Risk reduction
Sesanga says storage systems are helpful in keeping your items in a neat and systematic manner. Self-storage units reduce the risk associated with moving goods and items frequently.

“Delicate items are not subjected to the risk of being damaged and are protected from wear and tear,’ Sesanga says.
He adds that chances are high that you would lose some items in transit if you move with possessions too often. This can be reduced by keeping belongings in storage units until when needed.

Don’ts of storage houses
Do not store hazardous chemicals or flammable products
Storing hazardous or flammable items is not allowed and can cause severe damage to all the itemsnot only your storage unit but also all the other surrounding units. Fireworks, paint cans, weapons or any illegal paraphernalia of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Do not store any precious valuables, artwork, or family valuables
A storage unit is not a museum or a safe and should not be used to store anything that is particularly valuable like expensive jewelry or artwork.
Do not give the key or access code to others

Giving the key or access code to others is a sure way to encourage theft of not only your possessions but other renters’ belongings as well, and should simply not be done.