Iwish I could get my elderly aunt to see that single people have feelings too but I do not know how many of the elderly people around us understand this.

Yesterday, my aunt, who is almost making 70 years of age, called me, saying I had to go to her home because we had an urgent message to communicate.

I did not disappoint her because she is a nice woman and she always bails me out when my salary does not meet my needs. The good thing about her is that she does not ask for repayment. When she gives, it is with all her heart.

So, she is a darling to me. When I reached her home, she sat me down and told me she had had a revelation (did I mention she is born-again?) The revelation was that I do not want to get married. What kind of joke is this? My explanations that I had failed to find Mr Right fell on deaf ears as she delved into the evils of single women.

Honestly, single life is at its most interesting right now but how do I get my aunt to understand that her silly talks are beginning to wear me down emotionally? That look of pity she gave me when I told her that I am happily pursuing my life and career, was something I will never forget.

The interesting thing, is that my aunt was abandoned by her husband after he found a younger woman. I remind her of this, telling her I must take my time to find someone I will have conversations with when the love eventually flies out of the window. She laughs off my reasoning, saying it is all about trial and error.

She eventually calmed down when I told her that in my life I had rejected three serious marriage proposals because there was this little nagging voice at the back of my mind warning me about those particular men.

Honestly, our mothers and aunts should stop worrying about us. The way the world is nowadays, I would not be surprised if there were more single people than married people.
We have positive emotional and physical fruitful experiences. In this era of increasing self-love, I do not have to worry about how a decision I make for my life will affect anyone because no one can love me more than I love myself.