It is official. Wearing a skirt over your dress or pants is cool again.
The styling trend is already gaining popularity, thanks to a handful of elite fashion editors and influencers who are infusing it into their personal style.

It is surprising how new trends emerge; just a few handful influential people do something, and before you know it, everyone is following suit.

The same is happening here, considering how quirky and odd it is to wear a skirt over your outfit.
What makes this trend even cooler is the perfect mix of function and style, you don’t have to decide between a dress and skirt when you can just wear both.

It is also a fun way to layer different fabrics, colours and prints, adding fun to what would otherwise have been a boring outfit.
Like I have shared, it is not new, considering that fashion is cyclical in nature.
This particular trend was in vogue back in 2014, and it appears the rules have not changed that much. The key to pulling it off is playing around with contrast.

Layering different hemlines such a long dress or pants with a mini skirt is a great start. You can go ahead to add fun to your ensemble by pairing different prints or colours which blend together with harmony.

The idea is to have fun. If that is what you are looking for, this styling trend is just perfect for you.

Trends make a come back
Wearing skirts and dresses over pants is officially making a comeback, and the look is perfectly suited for all the indecisive folks out there. One thing we love about this trend is that you don’t have to decide between a dress and pants because you can just wear both. As odd as it may appear, this quirky trend is seen all over the streets. There are fabulous styles of mini skirts styled with tailored pants.