Giga Bite made its debut barely a year ago and during this time, they have managed to carve out a unique and enviable niche. All too often, when we think of a dining place or restaurant, space is a major factor and many a would-be restaurateur would fail to pull it off. However, in the case of Giga Bite, given that they have a custom-built food caravan, the answer has been to maximise on the old adage, small is beautiful.
The menu comprises barely a dozen items and these are manageable and carefully thought out.

In terms of sitting, for the present, this is minimal but plans are afoot to create more sitting that would fit within the caravan. Suffice it to say, that the majority of their clientele do takeaways. The menu comprises beef burgers and hot dogs that surely need little or no introduction to Ugandans as well as the not-so-well-known but famous submarine sandwich.

This can be ordered with either chicken or beef, and will set you back a modest Shs8,000 with a drink of your choice.
A submarine is also known as a sub, hoagie, hero, grinder wedge, spukie, or Italian sandwich.

Either way, what you get is a sandwich that consists of a length of bread or roll that is split lengthwise and filled with a variety of meats, cheese, vegetables and condiments. I have eaten their chicken and beef and one can be assured of getting the real McCoy.
The next big item would be their pilao that costs a tenner with chicken or servings and is always tasty. Naturally, chips have to be on the menu and these are always fresh and never greasy. Here, one has a choice of sumbies (way above average) either vegetable or beef and for Shs1,000, they are not bad, but my favourite in this category has to be the kebabs.

Most kebabs that are served in fast food joints tend to be small and chewy, lacking in taste. This is not the case with the kebabs at Giga Bite. These are meaty, tasty with just the right amount of spicing and succulent. Do try them out and you will be sold.
Giga Bite manages to convey that rare impression among food joints, of serving homemade food and not the mediocre run-of-the-mill fodder that we so often come across in Kampala’s fast food joints. No doubt this achievement is no mean feat and kudos must go to the owner and promoter, Yassin, whose presence is always keenly felt though he may not be there at all times.

If you go…
Place: Giga Bite
Address: John Rich Supermarket forecourt, Kabalagala
Smoke-Free Zone: Not an issue
Recommended items: The kebabs are Shs2,000 and they are in a class of their own.
Service: On the money and professional
Ambience: Smart and tidy
Open: Daily from 8am till 10pm
Our Rating: Worth a visit
The Space: Self-contained and very well laid out, orderly and hygienic.
The Crowd: Locals from within the area
Menu: Submarines, hot dogs, beef burgers, samosas, beef kebabs and French fries.

The Bar: Soda
The damage: A tenner will get you pilao with chicken
Sound level: Not an issue
Parking: Available
If you go: Daily

RATINGS: Not to be missed, worth a visit.

RATINGS: These ratings are purely the reviewer’s personal reaction to food, ambience and service with price being factored into consideration. The menu listings and prices are subject to change without notice.