There were just the two of us remaining on the shelf. There is comfort in numbers. You just do not know how much comfort one can derive from knowing that he or she is not alone in whatever they are going through or have to endure.
Then, two weeks ago, she got married.

So now I am alone. I still cannot believe it. My cousin met the ‘man of her dreams’ in March on a business trip upcountry and by the end of May, they were married.

What kind of madness is this?
When she told me she had met a good man, I was happy for her. I met him and he seems to be a good man. My only misgiving is their hurry to get married. What happened to getting to know each other better?

If you have reached your mid-thirties and are not yet married, but then, you suddenly meet the love of your life who expresses his wish to marry you, what is the hurry to tie the knot after only two months?

My worries went a notch higher when he sent me a message to tell me he had had a dream in which I was quarrelling with him because of the way he was treating my cousin. Of course, I assured him that I would never interfere in their married life. But why would he have a dream like that, unless he will actually treat her badly?

I guess that is the problem with being on the shelf for too long. It is even worse if you do not have a child. At least, life is much easier for a single mother than for a spinster without a child. People pity you too much, even when you are living a much better life than they are.

My cousin is just grateful that a man came her way. If life gives you only lemons, you might as well make lemonade. And enjoy it. She is working on getting pregnant by the third month of her marriage. By July next year I might be escorting her to the labour ward.

The first child I watched being born is now in Senior Four. How time can fly! Surprisingly, it is not flying away with me. I was in my first relationship when that child was born. So many relationships later, I still do not have a child of my own. Still waiting for the perfect father figure.