I have at most times as a manager been demotivated and discouraged by stubborn, unprofessional, unproductive employees who think they know too much or play blame games to get away with situations. I feel like having them sacked. Mike

Dear Mike,
You do not have to become demotivated and frustrated as because this will make the situation even worse and in no time your bosses may begin to perceive you as an ineffective manager/supervisor.

You should remember that you only work and deliver effectively through others but as a leader, your main responsibility is to get the best out of each individual member of your team.

Therefore, the starting point is by examining yourself. You should take time and ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly:
1.Do you know and understand yourself (interior profile) very well?
2.If so, do you know clearly your behaviour, when it changes in every situation and how it impacts individually the people you lead?

3.Do you know and understand closely (without intruding into personal spaces) all the people you lead at individual level, including their personal lives, families etc?

If your answers to the above questions are positive, then its time you addressed the behaviour you described with each member of your team, on a one-on-one. Use the New Year as a starting point and make it clear that the unwanted behaviour ended with 2018.

Clearly spell out the desired behaviour you want to see in 2019 and how it will be measured/assessed going forward. Be firm and be ready to take corrective action including advising those that refuse to change to try their talents elsewhere. Good luck!

Moses Ssesanga
Head Human Resource
NMG - Uganda
[email protected]