Love is in the air once again. Every February 14, many around the world send flowers, cards, and all sorts of gifts to their loved ones as a way to celebrate love.

While some might scoff at the day saying it is not worth the hype and others claim that no relationship formed on the day survives as it has no sure foundation, several have gone out of their way to spoil their loved ones in the name of love.

For example, renowned footballer David Beckham once bought a bracelet worth $8m (about Shs30b) for his wife Victoria Beckham as a Valentine’s Day gift. Nonetheless, with all the hate around the world, celebrating love is welcome.

Anne Kukundakwe
I have been gifted before on Valentine’s Day with a new phone, a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. The feeling was indeed ecstatic. It is always good to gift those you love, for it is said that you cannot love without giving. Likewise, I have gifted him with shoes, shirts and took him to a dinner.

Ykee Benda
Over the years, I have not received a gift that is quite different from what others have offered. However, the best gift has and will always be time, it is what matters the most. I have spent past Valentine’s Days with a girlfriend or a loved one.

However, this year, it is going to be all about my business. I had a Valentine’s Day challenge last Sunday and I will spend February 14, with the winner of that challenge. I will take her for dinner and spend some quality time with her.

Diana Kigozi
When I was still working, my husband would surprise me at office with flowers and cake. Oh, the feeling as I received and unwrapped my gifts was magical.

I may not be one that would invest in a flower garden, but when I get flowers as a gift, I am always thrilled. I also loved the cards because the messages they carry always makes me glad.

Sam Gombya
My wife Sophie and I always give each other what we know the other loves. For example, I know that she loves Amarula, so I get that with flowers and she is thrilled. However, the issue with many couples today is that they gift for the sake of it which makes one not really appreciate what they have been given.

Gifts cannot be exhausted, some go over the top, but what your partner loves is what matters.

Brian Mwesigwa
Gifts on Valentine’s Day have not been a common occurrence in my life. Nonetheless, the day I received a bouquet of flowers, wine and a pair of sneakers was phenomenal.

I mean, we had just had an ugly exchange the day before and I was certain that it would be the worst Valentine’s Day ever. While my tongue still tasted the bitterness borne by the exchange, I was thankful for the sweetness that the gifts carried.

Agatha Kyarisiima
I have given my husband watches, wallets, and perfumes. However, he is not one cut out for seasonal gifting, he gives as and when he can. While for some it might be a put off, I am glad that he does not have to wait for Valentine’s Day to gift me with something. Besides, most of the gifts are just what I need at the moment.