Apart from creating a festive atmosphere and creating memories, decorating your home for the soon approaching Uganda’s Independence day holiday can be one great opportunity to teach your children an unforgettable history lesson.

Ugandan flag colours
Start with the national colours; Black, Yellow, Red. There is no need to break the bank doing this project a few changes such as new throw cushion covers in these colours will do. Remember your neighborhood tailor can do these much cheaply using either polyester or ‘lining’ fabric.

The other thing you can do is purchase water crystals from a florist or wedding décor company. These are salt like crystals which when soaked overnight in a bucket of water bloom into jelly like balls.

They are often used in bottles or vases as centre pieces at weddings or dinners and come in various colours. Needless to say the colours we are looking for are black, yellow and red.
Cool facts
Print out the interesting information you want your children to grow up knowing about their country such as the national anthem, deepest lake, rivers, national parks, past presidents and have them framed and hung in places where they will see them as they exit and enter the home.

Alternatively, you could hang these items in their study, or the corridors for constant revision.

Also for your wall art print out a picture of the crested crane, and what it symbolises, frame it and have a hanging ceremony with the children picking out where would be most appropriate to hang it.

This makes for meaningful wall décor. Add to the fun and also eat meals on this day that only have the Ugandan flag colours and be crowned the coolest dad/ mum ever.
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