There was a time multi-coloured nails were the hottest trend in town. Around town, women were rocking this trend, mostly on fingernails.
The trend then went off the fashion and style chats. The nail trend seems to be making its way back to the fashion scene.
Sticking to one particular nail colour gets boring, Simon Mbabazi, a manicurist says.

“This could be the reason why women are probably reviving the multi-coloured nails trend,” Mbabazi says.
He adds that the trend is cool, vibrant, and often associated with young people.
“Teenagers and youthful women love trying out different things, even if it means reviving old trends,” Mbabazi notes.
Karen Nwoga, a Makerere University student, opts for multi-coloured nails. “I was inspired to go for the trend after seeing other famous celebrities like, Beyonce, having multi-coloured nails,” she says.

Nwoga says these nails bring out the child in an adult person, one, who is happy and unafraid of trying out different things.

Self-care for your nails
•Always keep a nail-cutter, one you can use to trim your finger nails to your required height.
•For those with fading nail polish, use vanish (nail polish) remover for cleaning your nails. Although some people use razor blades as a means of scrapping off the nail polish, it is not advisable. The razor may easily hurt you.
•However, tempting it may be, please, do not bite your nails. It is one way of exposing your mouth to germs.
•Seek the services of a professional manicurist if you want the right manicure.
•Keep your nails, fingers and hands soft by applying a moisturiser during different intervals of the day.