India, the sub continent, the land of many wonders, with a population of over one billion and a cuisine that has made its way to many restaurant menus around the world.

The Indian industry is growing over the years, and I am a particular fan of their gem and precious metals industry, the delicate and beautiful
jewellery made in India are very unique. My absolute favourite Indian industry is their cinema, Bollywood.

We grew up with Indian films, and though we could not understand the dialogue in the movies, the main plot, being usually an impossible love between a wealthy girl and a poor man, or two lovers from different casts, was not difficult to follow, the beautiful scenery and professional music and choreography was more than enough to keep us glued to our seats.

Shedding a few tears from time to time and feeling disappointed when the movie came to an end, was a pattern every time we went to a film.

Another important export of India is its manpower, with millions of Indians looking for greener pastures worldwide, and while the focus was previously on labourers and semi skilled manpower, today, a new generation of highly educated and dynamic youth full of tech, are making their way in the world markets.

India also has a very rich history, and a complicated political life due to the varied ethnic constitution of its mammoth population, making it hard on someone such as the prime minister to govern and please. But then, one day came along a very distinguished and charismatic man, a Chief Minister of Gujarat, and a member of Parliament, who held a seat in one of the highest offices of this subcontinent , the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi.

I usually do not write about politicians, but this would be my second column about Mr Modi, and though some see his governing as somehow controversial, he seems to be doing somethings right, especially regarding economic growth.
I was chatting with an Indian building contractor who works in Bahrain, he was telling us that the labour market there, is quickly emptying from Indians who are now returning to India.

He further elaborated that with the cost of living rising in the Gulf region, and with the economic situation improving in India, these workers find no reasons to leave their families behind, so now they are going back home. If this is true, then Mr Modi, is surely doing something right.