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Redhot. Valentines’ Day is just around the corner and it is time to pull out your special outfit. These red outfits should give you some inspiration, writes Esther Oluka.

Although it might feel as if red and black are tired, you cannot run away from them for the simple fact that they are the official colours of love.
Fortunately there are varying shades of red and a myriad of textures one can play around with to create a look that is both fabulous and unique.
The bonus, however, as every fashionista knows, Valentine’s Day could not have come at a better time because all-red outfits are in style right now.
If you are reluctant rocking the fiery colour or feel too cool to celebrate Valentine’s Day, just try it out for fashion’s sake. Fashion model Anisha Hamis, shows off different looks in varying shades of red.

This body revealing red-hot number can go from an intimate dinner to a night club.

Fun with fashion: How to rock an all red outfit

Red and black are the perfect Valentine’s Day colours. The red colour, specifically, is a celebration of love. Choose your outfits depending on where and whom you are celebating with. If, for example, you are having an intimate dinner with your partner, the short dress is ideal. It is a playful flirty outfit and if you have long beautiful legs, what better way to show them off. The long dress blended with black and red colours can also be worn to other intimate events. The beauty about this dress is that the slit gives the wearer the ability to show off only a tiny bit of leg while still keeping most of her body covered. Just like the other two, the velvet red dress can also be worn to any function of the day.
Abbas Kaijuka, designer

For this day, choose make-up that is soft, feminine and at the same time flirty. Try a sparkly sheer champagne eye shadow and a bronze purple colour on top to give your eyes a shadowy finish. Use a dark brown eyeliner for a soft and flirty finish. For the face, a slightly darker bronzer underneath the cheekbones helps give it definition on top of the concealer and foundation. Do not go overboard with the blush, a very light pink blush is enough for adding some colour and rosiness to your cheekbones. Finish the look with a red lipstick the a classic choice for Valentine’s Day.
Darius Olivia, make-up artist