Wear necklaces that fall to the collar bone or lower. The chokers that looked so fabulous in your 20s now draw unwanted attention to the jaw line. A longer necklace will draw the eye down and make you look longer and leaner.

Large pearls surrounded by some diamonds (real or fake), look wonderful with almost anything. Stay away from drop earrings. They finish at the level of your jowls, and make your chin look droopier.

Bangles and bracelets
Jazz up your arms with colourful bangles or bracelets. Bangles are great fun and are available in so many colours and sizes. Wear several at once, even with your watch. The look is very youthful.

Invest in watches. Different sizes, shapes, colours and styles; unless you’re loaded, you can buy inexpensive watches and ring the changes.

Family heirlooms
Something new and with bling, or something just new, is often more youthful than wearing family heirlooms. Yes, they are lovely, but in some instances, they may belong in a safe or a drawer until you’re old enough to wear them – around ninety perhaps? Unless you are in love with them and they “work,” set them aside for now. Sometimes, antique jewellery, and especially Victorian, is too fine in appearance for strong women of a certain age.

Brooches are one of my personal favourites; especially some of the late Victorian brooches with teensy seed pearls and garnets. Don’t forget some of the wonderful paste brooches from the fifties; if you have some that are original, wear them.

Brooches are another of those items that can turn something a little ho-hum into a style statement.

Stylish scurves
Silk and cashmere scarves are luxurious and a good buy. They will make any coat or shirt look more expensive and will last for years because they are classics especially in the right colour.
You can use scarves as jewellery. Bright, happy, jewel-like colours in the neck of a coat or jacket or shirt will add to the look and hide a neck or jowls.