Tell us briefly about yourself?
I am Daniel Brian Bisaso Mugisha, a Ugandan youth aged 25. I hold a diploma in systematic theology. I am a professional model both fashion and commercial. I am also a farmer and a businessman, who is currently the Mr Ideal of Uganda 2017/2018.
What does Mr Ideal mean?
Mr Ideal Uganda is a male modelling beauty pageant focusing on face, body and brains. It has its franchise in Nigeria.
What comes with being Mr Ideal?
It exposes me to different platforms both local and international. I am working on projects to help and empower boys and men. I am launching a project called Boy Matters Uganda where my team and I will be mentoring boys from the age of five to 18.
Do you get stalkers?
Yes, and I am used to it. I have so many stalkers; some of them have good and others bad motives. Recently, I got a text from someone who told me she had stalked me for a long time and she had a work gig for me.
What is Mr Ideal about?
It is about a young hard working youth who positively influences and empowers fellow youth both psychologically, emotionally, socially and physically.
For example, I have been invited to many summits to teach the youth. I also embarked on a project of greening schools as an ambassador with Nyonyi Tours and Travel. I am running an orphanage in Mubende District called Mercy Home international orphanage. It has 46 children. Unfortunately, 40 of them are HIV positive.
Do you believe in love?
(Laughs) Yes of course I do. I believe that to love is to live and to hate is to die. I believe people should try out love because it exists. You cannot find something you have not searched for.
Which female celebrity would you crush on and why?
Barbie Kyagulanyi. She is the brain master behind our Member of Parliament Mr Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine. The ability to turn a ghetto youth with a ghetto mentality from Kamwokya into an MP is not a joke. And now he is developing the ghetto instead. Today he is one of the inspirations for the young generation.

Have you ever been hit on by a woman?
(Laughs) Yes, many times since my primary and secondary school days so it is one of the things I have come to expect. Some women are bold enough to hit on me like at parties although most hit on me via Facebook. They send me messages praising my stature, body and looks; they end up asking me to love them.
Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
I see myself as a force to reckon with among the youth in Uganda and the whole Africa. I see myself changing societies for the better. I see a married man with a beautiful family and a successful businessman.

What do you do in your free time?
Going to the gym, watching motivational speakers and reading and listening to music.

What is unique about you?
I am one of the few youth who still believe in agriculture, so I do commercial farming.

What is your taste in women?
She must be tall, brown (light skinned) have good manners and hard working. I detest slay queens since most of them live a fake life called social media life and I hate fake people. Also, most of them are ugly girls who wear kilogrammes of makeup.

What do you like the most on your body?
My brain. It has made me who I am today
Is your personal life affected by your work as Mr Ideal?
Yes, there are things I would want to do as Daniel Mugisha but because I am Mr ideal Uganda, I cannot do them.

What excites you?
Music, children and money. Music makes up a big part of my life. I grew up in a home full of music. Money, on the other hand, makes life easier and sweeter and children are like beautiful, tender flowers though I have not had one yet.

What do you frown upon?
Disloyalty. A disloyal person is never welcome in my circle because I deal with real people; it is better to tell me how much you hate me than to praise me yet you are planning my downfall.

Are you married?
Not yet but the comment on why is still loading.

Education background
I studied my lower primary at Bridge Infant School then went to New Progressive Primary School for Upper Primary. Then Old Kampala Senior Secondary School for both O and A-level. Lastly, I went for a diploma in systematic theology at Miracle Bible College.